Eweat EW902 Android TV – First Impressions – Pt1

830 Eweat EW902 Android TV - First Impressions - Pt1

Recently, I was given the opportunity to do a review on a new Android TV device from Eweat the EW902. I was doing searches for Android TV devices and I came across some really good specifications for what I would consider some nice hardware specifications.

The EW902 is still early production and Eweat seems to still be working on some fine details with the unit. But about two weeks ago, I received my Eweat EW902 Android TV device.

Device Packaging

The packaging of the EW902 was done very well. The most important piece of equipment in the box is located in the center of the box when you open it. There’s plenty of packaging around it so there’s very little chance that when you receive yours, it’s not going to be damaged. Someone would have to literally stop on war run over the box to damage the primary piece in the packaging.

The contents of the box are the EW902 itself, power cable, HDMI cable, RCA cable, SATA cable, remote and quick setup guide.

758 Eweat EW902 Android TV - First Impressions - Pt1

Here’s a quick shot of the installation guide. The connection of the EW902 is actually very simple, but having the installation guide does serve a informative purpose of explaining all the ports on the device.

265 Eweat EW902 Android TV - First Impressions - Pt1

659 Eweat EW902 Android TV - First Impressions - Pt1

Here’s a quick shot of the outside of the box with the specifications.

277 Eweat EW902 Android TV - First Impressions - Pt1

Initial impressions

My initial impressions of the EW902 is that I really like the aluminum case of the unit. The outside of the device seems like it’s been machine very well; I didn’t feel any rough edges. The unit is lightweight and is roughly the size of a 7 inch tablet.

Main Features

1. Realtek 1195 chipset, 1G RAM, 8G EMMC;

2. Powered by Android 4.4 kitkat;

3. Support H.265 4K*2K

4. HDMI in + HDMI out

5. LAN : 10/100M/1000M Ethernet, build in WIFI and external antenna for stable internet receiving

6. Can play original BD disk?Support BDMV full navigation

7. Support Frame Packaging 3D, 2D movie convert to 3D image;

8. Support USB 3.0 Host

9. Support BD ISO playback

10. Miracast and Intel Wireless Display;

11. XBMC Perfect support 4K working;

12. Support 7.1 pass through, Support Dolby True HD,DTS-HD MA,LPCM,Dolby Digital Plus;

Early Testing

IR Remote

In my early testing, I’ve had some problems with the IR remote is kept me from using the EW902. I’ve been working with the manufacturer of troubleshooting the problem and I’ve tried updating the firmware. Early troubleshooting steps have not fixed the problem, but were still working on it.

Eweat posts there firmware updates on their website:



The unit did not come with XBMC installed, I had to download XBMC installation package [apk] from Eweat. The download link XBMC is located at the same website location. The installation of XBMC is fairly simple, extract the installation files, place them onto a USB jump drive, plug the jump drive into the EW902 and then use the remote to navigate to the APK installation file.

Because of problems I’m having with the IR remote, I wasn’t able to use XBMC extensively.

Playing MP4 videos

At one point, I was able to use the file navigator and browse to my Plex Media Server and stream several sample videos. The playback of the videos seem to be okay. The videos were not at high resolution and at this time, I don’t have the ability to test 4K resolution output.

USB 2 and USB 3

The unit doesn’t seem to have any problems with detecting USB storage devices; regardless if it’s USB 2 or USB 3. I used the USB ports on the EW902 several times to both software and to update the firmware.


One of the easiest things to test with the EW902 is the Miracast. I didn’t have any problems at all with my android phone detecting that the EW902 was in range and then being able to display images or videos on my TV. I’m going to continue to look at this to find out what other abilities this unit has.

Future Testing

SD memory, SATA External drive, HDMI input, the audiovisual output and the playback of ISO images are some of the abilities of this Android TV device that I want to test very soon.

I’m still working with the manufacturer on the problem with the IR remote. The EW902 also supports other remotes, and that may be something that I’ll be looking at very soon if the problems with the IR remote continue.

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