Review: Logitech H600 USB Wireless Headset

225 Review: Logitech H600 USB Wireless Headset

I’m a big user of voice recognition and Dragon NaturallySpeaking, but I also in a person who likes to be able to move around as I’m using speech recognition. Sometimes it’s a more fluid motion to be able to stand up and pace around the room, making discussion and trying to make a point, as opposed to sitting in front of a computer and dictating to a computer using a headset that’s wired.

A couple of years ago, I purchased a USB headset from Asus; it was a wireless headset as well utilizing a USB dongle. before I had the wireless headset, I was using a wired headset and a limited my mobility while using voice recognition. My initial headset from Asus work very well, but recently that headset decided that it’s lifespan was over.

Having previously had a great experience with USB headsets, I decided to go with another one. I mean really went over to eBay and just did a search on USB wireless headsets. I found that there were a lot of wireless USB headsets, but luckily I was caught by surprise with a daily deal on a USB wireless headset from Logitech. it was the Logitech H600 USB Supra-aural Wireless Headset . It was a refurbished item selling it less than half its original price; list at roughly $25. The wireless headset normally list around $70.

Logitech H600 Packaging

When I ordered the item off of eBay, it was actually through the Newegg eBay account. I submitted my order and my wireless headset arrived in the mail about a week later. The item was a refurbished device and it was disclosed that the original packaging was no longer available, nor did it have documentation or drivers, the headset arrived through the USPS.

The packaging for the headset was done fairly well with bubble wrap. The headset, the way it was packaged, was never in any danger of being messed up during shipment; which was reassuring about my purchase. Unless it was rolled over by a steam roller.

Initial thoughts and impressions

My initial impressions of the wireless headset were that they had a nice clean look to the and they weren’t overly extravagant. I like the fact that the headset had a mute button and volume controls on the headset itself; it also has an on and off switch.

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Another reason I made the purchase for the Logitech H600 was that the headset was able to be collapsible and it was more sturdy than the previous Asus wireless headset that I had used.

522 Review: Logitech H600 USB Wireless Headset


High Points

wireless-headset-h600-icon-images Review: Logitech H600 USB Wireless Headset The unit that I purchased was a refurbished one. It didn’t come with a drivers or user manuals, but I didn’t have any problems with simply taking the USB dongle from the headset and plugging it into my PC. Once the USB dongle was inserted into my PC, Windows 7 automatically detected the device and install the latest USB driver for it. Luckily, the USB drivers installed and it wasn’t required to reboot my machine.

Considering that I’m using the Logitech H600 to compose this article, my overall opinion of the headset is that it seems to work fairly well. It’s comfortable and adjustable. The playback of the headset is well enough for audio playback or listen to music, and the microphone for doing voice-recognition seems to be functioning well enough to do voice-recognition without too many errors; which is very important.

I think it’s cool to note that during the composition of this article, I was able to keep the headset disconnected from the computer, and simply use the wireless dongle to dictate this article with Dragon NaturallySpeaking. According to the documentation for the wireless USB headset, I should be able to walk roughly 30 feet away from the base and still be able to use the microphone with ease, but I found that at about 20 feet, and through a few walls, the performance of the headset does become a little bit sketchy. In my perspective, I don’t see myself using the microphone to do dictation more than 20 feet away.

Another point of the advertising for the USB wireless headset is that you’re supposed to be able to use the headset for six hours to listen to music or use the microphone. I’ve been using the headset for couple of hours now [about four] and the Logitech H600 seems to be holding up fairly well.

Low Points

When I initially connected the Logitech H600 my system headset was not functioning properly. In troubleshooting the issue, it showed that the headset was connected to the system [Windows 7 professional] and that the drivers were installed properly, but the headset was not functioning. Audio playback to the headphones was not working and initially the microphone was working at all either, but after making sure that the correct drivers were installed, I simply unplugged the USB dongle for the headset and reinserted it, and it seemed to work fine.

Another point about the headset that I was disappointed about was the fact that the headset is not interchangeable between left and right handed people. The headset is solely designed to be worn with the microphone on the right-hand side. Hello? Reversible boom anyone?

Special Mentions

My last headset didn’t have a mute button on the headset itself; in order to mute the headset, you had to disable the connection between the headset and the USB dongle. This actually makes the USB wireless headset a little more convenient to use because you can use the new button on the headset with a voice over IP phone.

My Conclusions

My overall feelings about the Logitech H600 USB wireless headset is that it seems to working very good. It’s comfortable, it seems to be well made, the battery life, headset seems to be well enough to be able to be used for quite a while; more than enough for most.

If you’re a person who really likes to have the boom/microphone on the left side of your face as a prerequisite, this headset is not for you. I normally like to have the microphone on the left side of my face, but considering the price and the performance of the headset, I’m willing to make some adjustments. The normal price of the Logitech H600 is right around $70. And as of the time of this article, it was still listed actively on their website.

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