Sep 20 2013

Using Google Apps And Services To Organize

Google_services_organizing4_thumb Using Google Apps And Services To Organize

Google has quite an array of services that they offer that can help you organize your daily life. And the good news is that these services are free. Google has services to help you communicate, get directions to a meeting, help remind you about events and  the even have something to keep snippets of information now.

All these little services from Google has really changed the landscape of how people collect information,  organize it and use it. 


Using Gmail is simple, but Gmail is also powerful. Gmail is regarded as one of the best webmail options where most of the information is transferred and stored. Nothing is more helpful than shortcut keys that assist you in speeding up your work. Gmail allows you the customization and ability to make your own shortcut keys in case you do not like those which are already present. Gmail also has a undo feature. Gmail’s Undo Send feature you can save yourself from such many situations. Google waits for 10, 15 or 30 seconds before sending mail. During this time, you can take back your mail.

Canned responses are invaluable. You can send those messages with a just one click. You can make as many responses in this feature; it’s available for Gmail and operating system wide.

Have you ever forgotten an attachment on an email? Gmail can help. Whenever you send your mail, Gmail automatically scans your text document and checks for phrases and words that indicate something related to attach. It will ask you that do you want to send this mail as it is or want to attach something with it. Using this function in Gmail may save you an embarrassing situation where the recipient doesn’t seem attachment that you’re referencing.

Google maps

Google Maps isn’t just king of the map apps, but of all applications: predicated on information from new data from GlobalWebIndex, with 54 percent of users, Google Maps beat Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Twitter, Skype and Instagram as the most frequently used application for the second quarter of 2013. Facebook currently takes in 44 percent of users, YouTube at 35 percent, and Google+ with 30 percent of smartphone users.

Apple Maps didn’t break the top 10, but you’d expect representatives from Apple being pretty unhappy at the reports that Google Maps is doing exceptionally well. You can get Google Maps for iOS here, and Android users here. But chances are you already have it.

Google keep

When Google Keep launched, it never got the respectability it deserved. The persons that did review it compared it to all the wrong applications, like Evernote or Microsoft OneNote.

That’s shameful, because a unexpectedly good note taking application went overlooked, underrated for shortcomings against contenders it wasn’t designed to compete with. It’s due time to give Google Keep a competitive opportunity, see where it excels, and it’s placement with the competitors.

Google Calendar

For people already using Google services, including Gmail, having Google Calendar manage your schedule is a logical choice, since it uses the same login information. Getting started with Google Calendar is simple. You’ll need to generate a Google account if you don’t already have one, and then navigate your browser to Google Calendar features weekly, monthly, and daily views, in addition to a customizable view that allows you choose from the next 2 to 7 days or the next 2 to 4 weeks. There’s also an Agenda view that gives you a list of all upcoming events, delineated by day, just like your pen-and-paper daybook.

Google_calendar_example_thumb Using Google Apps And Services To Organize

You can also subscribe to a plethora of public calendars for events,; including holidays, movie releases, and sports. If you enter your ZIP code, Google Calendar will even provide you with a four-day weather forecast. And ironically, unlike Google’s Gmail service, Google Calendar is free from advertising.

Clicking the Create Event button will give you a full-fledged pane with fields for what, where, when, description, reminders, and more. You can also select the Quick Add link or just click on the day or time when you want to schedule an event, and a pop-up bubble will appear; type your event details into that bubble in plain English; it’s that easy. As commonly found in calendar programs, you can set Google Calendar to remind you of an upcoming event, optionally with a pop-up message, e-mail, or–once you’ve set it up–text messages to your smartphone.

It’s easy to share your calendars with other Google Calendar users, or even embed a Google Calendar widget on your Web page. And while you can subscribe to a Google calendar, in iCal, you won’t be able to get true bi-directional syncing without the help of a third-party solution like Spanning Sync or Calgoo. And unlike iCal or other calendaring solutions, Google Calendar doesn’t presently allow you to generate or manage tasks.


Google Hangouts

When telephone conversations and emails just don’t do, and there’s a great distance between you and the other person, perhaps you need to have a videoconference. Google Hangouts is one of those services that Google offers that truly excels. It is definitely a solid option when it comes to video communication. Google Hangouts is very similar to Skype. In order to use Google Hangouts, you have to have a Google account. Eventually, Google Hangouts is going to be concatenated into Google’s all-in-one indications, which hasn’t been released yet.

Google_Hangouts_video_chat_example_thumb Using Google Apps And Services To Organize

Google Hangouts allows people to conduct conversations with up to 10 other users, from your address book or from your Google+ friends. This is a differentiating factor between Google Hangouts and Skype; Skype won’t allow group conversations for free— you have to have a subscription prescribed to have multiple people in a conversation.

One of the features of Google Hangouts is that if you’re having a group conversation with people, what a particular person speaks in a video chat, their video is brought to the forefront, making all the other people’s video smaller, so you can clearly see who’s speaking. The only rule there is to try to speak in order; otherwise it could get messy.

A negative to using Google Hangouts is that it’s not a resident application, you have to be logged in to the website, but things could change very quickly as Google continues to bring all their applications options under one roof.


So even if you can’t remember everything, and your bad with directions and birthdays; Google services can help you put those things in order.


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