Apr 19 2013

The 5 Best Marketing Strategies for Your New App

5 Best Marketing Strategies for Your New App thumb The 5 Best Marketing Strategies for Your New App

Apps are everywhere; every brand and company has one or wants one. With so many apps in any given store, making yours stand out is paramount, but it requires quick thinking and in-depth marketing. If your strategies are sound and guaranteed to grab attention, your app will become successful—and so will your brand or product.

Find Success on Social Networks

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Even before your app is ready for its debut, head to your brand or company’s social networking sites to toot your own horn. If you’re still in the creative process, sketch out the fundamentals of your new app and invite your followers and fans to share ideas. Knowing what your audience wants is great; letting them feel like part of the process is even better.

Once you’re ready to launch, your Facebook, Twitter, blog, and other social media sites are the best places to share the good news. Initiating a social media campaign likewise initiates the word of mouth phenomenon. Make sure you share screenshots and special features, because people enjoy sharing pictures on their own networking pages.

Head Out on a PR Jaunt

New apps need PR campaigns as well. While you can do a lot of PR work over your social media sites, you need to take it further than that. Check out websites that specialize in PR and make sure you write a stellar description of your app. Look for guest blogging and posting opportunities on sites specializing in your niche, as well as pages that offer up the latest industry news. For the very best branding, get some help with email marketing so you can send out newsletters revealing interesting features and new information.

Tempt Your Target Audience

Who is your target audience? If you’ve got a fashion app, launch some contests that somehow involve the app. If you’re launching a new game, make it worth their while to download it. Sharing through Facebook and an email campaign will grab their attention, but you’ve got to keep it after that. Contests, the ability to win something, and the possibility of having their name shared on your blog or social sites will all go over big. People love a bit of Internet fame to call their own.

Spread Yourself Over Several Platforms

If possible, make sure your app is available on different platforms. If there’s one thing people hate, it’s hearing about a great new app, then finding out that it’s only available on a phone or device they don’t have. Even if you launch on just one platform, let people know you’re working on others. That way, they feel important and essential. They don’t feel left out, which makes them more apt to download your app when it’s available and to share news with their friends.

Offer Freebies, Invite Reviews

Even if your big dream is a paid app, offer it for free at first. Make it available to anyone with the right platform(s). That way, users know they have nothing to lose—and that makes them more willing to share favorable reviews. In fact, invite them to share their opinions. Let them know that you want their reaction for future updates and versions. The reviews spread the word as well, which increases your audience


You have to make yourself stand out above every other app. How do you tempt people into downloading your apps?


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