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I was pleasantly surprised today when my Roku 3 showed up in the mail. I guess one of the small pleasures that I got immediately from ordering my Roku directly from the manufacturer was the fact that they didn’t mess with me on shipping. I actually ordered to Roku‘s and received both of them in the same package and the shipping was free, where most merchants would probably charge me separate shipping and handling for each Roku.

To be perfectly honest, I’ve been kind of excited about getting the new Roku 3 because I have noticed that there’s a certain amount of latency that the Roku to had with playing movies and from time to time I would have to power cycle the Roku. Some of the reports about the Roku 3 have been absolutely correct and I wanted to try to cover some of those.

After un-boxing the Roku 3 one of the very first things that you notice is that there’s not an analog output; it’s strictly HDMI. If you got an old stereo receiver that you are using the analog output from your Roku 2 so that you have that theater experience, you might find yourself in a situation where you may have to be purchasing a new receiver; one with an HDMI input. Or you could probably purchase yourself and HDMI to RCA output converter/adapter.

i4vrhzvq_thumb Hands on with Roku 3

Once you unpackage the Roku 3, it’s pretty standard. There’s a power cable, HDMI cable, an Ethernet cable option and a USB port. Plug in the power cable, plug-in the HDMI to the TV and then you’re ready to go; a it’s that simple.

  • The Roku 3 has a faster processor, so one of the first things that you notice is that the Roku 3 boots up faster. With the normal set up process of the Roku, the unit will power on, go through its initialization process, make sure it’s connected to the Internet and then download the updates. after the updates been downloaded you have to register the Roku on the Roku website.
  • If you’re a previous Roku owner and you are upgrading to Roku 3, it’s very easy. All your channels that you had previously with Roku are stored with the website so that once Internet access is gained to the Roku 3 it downloads your preferences and channels.
  • The performance of the Roku 3 is one of the very first things that you notice about the new unit. Clicking between channels, making selections and starting movies is a little bit more snappy.
  • I didn’t see a lot of publication on it, but I do like how the new Roku 3 has the ability to change the theme; I have changed mine immediately to my new favorite Nebula.
  • The video output options for the Roku 3 are 1020 and 720. Since there’s no analog output anymore, this simplifies the process even more for customers.
  • The sound settings on the unit support either stereo or surround-sound. If you going to be using a surround-sound system you have to be using the HDMI output.

The new Roku remote has a headphone jack on the side of it and switches seamlessly the remote or to TV depending on when the headphones/ earbuds are plug-in. The Roku remote has volume controls on the side of it. At this point, so early, I just wonder how much battery usage it uses to utilize the headphones jack.

For $99, the Roku 3 is a huge value, simple to use and opens up a whole new world of entertainment to your living room. And if you have your personal movie library on external hard drive or on a external PC, you can play those movies through the Roku by using a super application called Plex.

I really like the Roku product because it turns pretty much any high-definition TV into a smart TV. Roku enables pretty much any high-definition television to start streaming content and playing games like Angry Birds.


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