Mar 29 2013

3 Ways Technology Impacts the Entertainment Industry

3 Ways Technology Impacts the Entertainment Industry thumb 3 Ways Technology Impacts the Entertainment Industry

The entertainment industry features areas like music, movies, games, television, and concerts to name a few. As with other businesses and society as a whole, the entertainment industry has had to evolve with the growing changes in technology.

From blogs and social media to QR codes and Apps the entertainment industry is doing everything it can to stay relevant in this technology driven world.

The Versatility of the Internet

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The Internet has quickly grown into the most versatile medium available. The entertainment industry recognized the opportunity and began leveraging the capabilities. Whether they are selling tickets online or streaming movies to your mobile devices the internet allows endless opportunities for entertainment.

Example: Gaming

Not only does PlayStation have streaming internet capabilities on the brick and mortar system, but now they have the same capabilities on a portable device. When the internet began increasing its dominance, the videogame industry had to quickly adapt to sustain the move.

What began as simple online player to player competition has evolved to downloadable games, streaming TV shows, and an entirely interconnected social media world. The entertainment industry has utilized the versatility of the internet to make sure no matter where someone is that they have access to entertainment.

The User Experience

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Our society has seen a lot of change since the first television and motion picture was created. From color television in the early 1950’s to now watching 3D Movies in an IMAX theatre, the viewer experience has drastically changed.  Although, the entertainment industry wouldn’t say this has always been a good change. Technology has made it easy for viewers to get around the limitations that used to restrict them. Piracy of movies, shows, and music has grown into an epidemic. However, the entertainment industry has begun to gain ground and is back to empowering the viewer with excellent options to increase their viewing experience. There are websites for services like DirectTV that give customers access to a wide selection of channels that are available to television viewers.


Example: Music

Music has seen a vast change because of the growth of technology. What began as records has grown into cassettes, then to Compact Discs, and now into MP3s. The rapid change has made past methods obsolete and rendered the music industry helpless to the ever changing technology.

The Social Media Effect

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Social media has impacted the entertainment industry probably more than any other aspect of technology. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube are household names. No longer are celebrities distant object that you only dream about seeing. Now you can follow your favorite movie star and even communicate with them directly through your individual social account. This has humanized the entertainment industry and also revolutionized it. Social media has opened the way for new marketing strategies. Endorsements are made via tweet and coupons can be printed off directly from Facebook. Memes can launch careers and privacy is an afterthought. Social media is an influential part of the entertainment industry; some could even say it is its own entertainment segment.

Example: YouTube

YouTube is a social medium that allows anyone to post videos of them for the world to see. This video platform has generated several superstars and is an excellent way for the entertainment industry to advertise at a low cost. It is used for movie previews, music videos, interviews, and several other marketing ploys. Technology is a huge part of everyone’s life. This even plays into personal entertainment and ultimately the entire industry. As a whole, the entertainment industry has been able to evolve with technology to maximize its advancements for the benefit of the industry. The internet allows increased accessibility, the user experience is increased with every advancement, and social media creates endless possibilities. It is difficult to assess what possibilities lay before the world of entertainment and technology, but for now it seems that the two have cohesively intertwined. What do you think is next for the entertainment industry?  


About the Author: DJ Miller is a graduate student at the University of Tampa. He is an avid gadget geek who spends most his time writing on anything tech related. In his spare time he likes to travel, play soccer, and watch movies. You can follow him on twitter @MillerHeWrote