Dec 12 2012

Learn New Words With Google And Voice-Recognition

cyconrab_thumb Learn New Words With Google And Voice-Recognition

Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you’re reading an article and the article that you’re reading has this fancy word in it; a word you never seen before and don’t exactly know the definition?

Some people might know better to go to a website that has an online dictionary and to look up the word; look at the definition and see how to pronounce the word.

A little while back, Google used to offer a function where you could type in ‘define wordofyourchoice’ and then Google would respond by giving you the definition, but for some reason they stopped doing that. Now, it seems that Google is reinstating that feature into Google search.

If you go to Google search and type in ‘define wordofyourchoice’ Google will return a nice clean definition of that word, if it can find it.

image_thumb1 Learn New Words With Google And Voice-Recognition

This is all part of Google’s ever-expanding search abilities, but also how the search giant is changing how people get results when doing searches. And this falls right in line with what Apple started with Siri. Google is adding more and more advanced features to their searches so that people can ask natural language questions and get answers to those questions.

But getting results is not limited to typing in the search, in the search box, with a smart phone that supports voice-recognition, you can simply speak the request and Google will return the answer. This function is also available for users who are using Google’s Chrome browser.

Equally, you can use Google’s voice search for finding synonyms for any word you ask. Simply go to Google’s voice search and say ‘synonym for wordofyourchoice’ and Google will provide you with an answer…

It’s definitely fun to play with and a quick way to learn words that you’re not familiar with in everyday conversations.


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