Skype shares good news; the death of Microsoft Messenger

j20keqvw_thumb Skype shares good news; the death of Microsoft Messenger

Skype says they have good news to share; the death of Microsoft Messenger. Microsoft messenger has been one of those bloated instant messaging applications that Microsoft loves to push to all their desktops, but the problem with Microsoft Messenger is that it’s never been something that most people would consider ‘open’.

Microsoft has always held Microsoft Messenger protocol information close to the chest, and the same goes for Skype. Microsoft and Skype and never been open to letting the public into their instant messaging service so that people can communicate on a level playing field; they were leaving that to jabber.

But now that Microsoft has purchased Skype [for $8 billion] they found themselves rubbing their heads asking why they need to have Microsoft Messenger and Skype. Obviously, Skype is the more robust and well-rounded application for handling Instant Messenger traffic, so the functions of Microsoft Messenger were moved over to Skype. Right after Skype was pushed out with that update, Microsoft announced today [November 6] that Microsoft Messenger is now dead.

I’m sure there’s a lot of people that are not completely happy with the fact that Microsoft is killing messenger, but Skype is definitely more of the flagship application that Microsoft is pushing right now; especially with Windows 8 and Microsoft Surface.

Skype is heavy into voice and video conferencing, it has instant messaging, but it’s surely not as pretty as Microsoft Messenger once was. It makes you wonder if Skype is going to build in the functionality for using the jabber protocol, not just for Facebook.

If Skype can build in functionality for the jabber protocol [used by Facebook & Google] using Skype may be a logical choice here in the future.

Not only do you have the ability with Skype to do voice and video conferencing, but Skype is also compatible with android and iOS devices. They offer instant messaging calls to traditional phones, Remote Desktop sharing and conference call type connections.

There’s a big push right now for Microsoft to integrate Skype into Microsoft Surface, Microsoft phone, Windows 8 [operating system] and Skype is also being pushed to local cable companies, like Comcast… From this perspective, the future for Skype seems to be pretty bright.

And by the end of the quarter next year,  Microsoft messenger will have been retired.


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zemified_c Skype shares good news; the death of Microsoft Messenger

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