Nov 09 2012

Is Microsoft making other hardware manufacturers upset over Microsoft Surface?

3eupsghh_thumb Is Microsoft making other hardware manufacturers upset over Microsoft Surface?

It’s very interesting that Microsoft has decided to get into the hardware game. Interesting because, primarily, Microsoft has been a software company relying on hardware manufacturers to facilitate a complete presentation of a PC. Apple has been the company that’s always been striving to marry the software with the hardware, in one package, controlling the whole presentation.

But now that Microsoft has introduced Microsoft Surface, and they are using their own hardware, it’s almost like Microsoft is spitting in the face of the hardware manufacturers they have worked with for years. Or is that just a rude illusion? The bigger question, is Microsoft making the right move with trying to be a manufacturer?

Tensions between Acer and Microsoft had already started to grow over Microsoft Surface. The question really comes down to is Microsoft’s hardware going to perform better than the other manufacturers versions of Microsoft Surface, or a tablet PC loaded with Windows 8.

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRx9YpIsD_Lq_3hAl7pO3Y-PyQiYHmOvWzZ2P2sdRU_LBbzJcZw Is Microsoft making other hardware manufacturers upset over Microsoft Surface?For instance, if Apple has learned nothing else, they have realized that hardware manufacturers can release new versions of android phones with higher hardware specifications and better performance more often than Apple can naturally. This is because all of the hardware manufacturers are able to load the android operating system and simply move on.

But in the case of Microsoft, they had decided to become their own manufacturer; so are they going to have higher standards, or are they going to allow the other hardware manufacturers to create tablet PCs with inferior functionality and more prone to problems; ruining the customers experience?

Another question comes to mind is, is Microsoft shooting themself in the foot by becoming a manufacturer. Is Microsoft going to put themselves in a position where they can’t compete with the very people that have been supporting them for years? What happens if Microsoft can’t compete against companies like Lenovo, Acer, HP, Vizio and Toshiba? What if the hardware manufacturers simply outpace Microsoft in their own category of Microsoft Surface and tablet PCs running Windows 8?

It makes for an embarrassing situation. Companies like Lenovo are already pressing new versions of their laptops, being very versatile, having touchscreens and running Windows 8.

Make no mistake, Microsoft is putting themselves in a precarious situation. The taking a huge gamble on the new presentation/look and feel of Windows 8, with Microsoft Surface and trying to become their own manufacturer of hardware. And if nothing else, Microsoft is really hoping that Microsoft Surface RT is the new mobile platform for their tablets.

Microsoft needs RT tablets to succeed because Microsoft is pushing the application market. If Microsoft can establish the application market, this will be a solid reoccurring revenue for them, but at this level Microsoft is starving for developers to create applications for Microsoft Surface RT.

Over the next couple of months, hopefully Microsoft will be inclined to keep the public informed about how well Microsoft Surface is doing, unlike how they did with Windows mobile phone. True success of Microsoft Surface is going to be validated by how well it can infiltrate companies and corporations IT departments.


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zemified_c Is Microsoft making other hardware manufacturers upset over Microsoft Surface?

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