Oct 17 2012

Windows 8 bad; Microsoft Surface good – uh?

spwujcsj_thumb Windows 8 bad; Microsoft Surface good - uh?

Microsoft is on the verge of the releasing their new version of their operating system, version 8. And although I said that Microsoft has done themselves a huge disservice with the operating system itself by messing with the overall look and feel and functionality of the operating system towards something that people only consider a smartphone interface; I think with the release of Microsoft surface and Windows 8, there’s a good chance that Microsoft is going to do very well by releasing something with their own hardware stamp.

Microsoft is largely a software company living in a hardware world. Since the very early days of Microsoft, they have been focused strictly on development of their operating system and software packages. But for a while Microsoft bas been taking a tremendous beating over the lack of participation in the smartphone market and tablets. Apple and Google have dominated the market with iOS and android operating systems; android being dominant operating system of choice.


cetzbaqs_thumb Windows 8 bad; Microsoft Surface good - uh?Microsoft decided to get into the game with their Smartphone a couple of years ago, by partnering with Nokia. I think Microsoft did this to simply just purchase Nokia’s customer base.  Giving them a launching platform for their Windows phone.

Ever since then, Microsoft has been in the process of retuning the user interface of the desktop operating system to what most people would consider a smart phone interface. The impressions of Windows 8 with Microsoft’s traditional audience is that it’s not going to be accepted very well on the desktop, in a working environment.

But if you take the same operating system, and drop that into a tablet, the user interface becomes more obvious and a little bit more natural.

The introduction of Microsoft Surface is a bit more than a fluffy thought; it’s something that Microsoft has to do to stay competitive right now and I have to say that I think that the release of this device is going to go over very well.


Because people are used to Windows, people are used to Microsoft. Microsoft has a lot to prove with Microsoft Surface; putting Microsoft in a position to be competitive and responsive.

Although the android tablet and iPads have been very successful, I think that much of this has been in response to the absence of a Microsoft competitor. Android tablets and iPads have been struggling to replicate a more solid operating system, like Microsoft, for a while. There’s a lot of things that the android operating system and iOS are simply missing. Microsoft has a established operating system, with an established application base.

One of the biggest problems that Microsoft is faced has been the absence of an application store and pushing updates out to their operating system, but after years of watching android and the iPad, Microsoft has came to understand that you need to have an application market; so they created one. Microsoft is also recognized that the updates for their operating system have not always been consistent; they are making changes to that.

Microsoft has been in the process of trying to release the tablet PC for much longer than anyone else [at least 10 years], but unfortunately when Microsoft tried to do it, the technology simply wasn’t there. Now we have faster machines, smaller processors and touchscreens; it’s going to be interesting to see what Microsoft can do with this new offering, but I think this will be more received openly with larger companies and corporations than anything else. Because there’s always been challenges with companies integrating android and iOS devices.

There’s a point that I don’t agree with Microsoft on and that’s the price. The price of the new Microsoft Surface, in my opinion, to be competitive into really entice customers to move to a Microsoft product, I think the price of Microsoft Surface should be about $100 lower than the iPad [@ $500]. Even at hundred dollars cheaper, there’s still hundreds of spinoffs of android devices/tablets that are available to the consumer base.

Introducing Microsoft Surface to the tablet market is going to be a challenge for Microsoft, but I think that it’s going to be more well received than Microsoft’s smartphone [w/Nokia].

The benefit to Microsoft Surface is going to be that it has continuity; continuity between the desktop, tablet and smart phone. When people are working with devices, having a similar interface on all those devices makes it very comfortable, very familiar and then something that people want to stick with. This is one of the reasons the android operating system is so popular. Because regardless of which device/hardware it’s on, android operating system is consistently the same in regards to options and functionality.

Another benefit that Microsoft Surface has is that it makes the quasi-jump from the desktop to a tablet by including a foldout keyboard. Something that I’ve been noticing with tablets for a while is that most of them have a Bluetooth capability to add a keyboard and mouse.

If tablets work so great, and they were so productive, why do you need a keyboard and the mouse; because people still need them to be productive. Because simply by having a touchscreen does not make you a better worker; it makes you better touching screens [and washing your hands].

Another point that I don’t agree with Microsoft on is a release of two different types of tablets.  Windows 8 Pro and RT.  I think Microsoft is shooting themselves in the foot;  in the same way they do with offering several different flavors of their base operating system;  it’s too confusing. If Microsoft really wants to impact the market; they really need to push the existing application market for Windows…

The release of Microsoft Surface is scheduled for October 26th… we’ll see..


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.

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