Oct 18 2012

The Advantages of Buying a Refurbished Laptop

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Withthe Christmas period approaching at such a rapid rate there are many people who are considering purchasing laptops for their loved ones. However, most of these very people will be wincing at the price of buying even the most basic laptop on the high street.

It’s for this very reason that the refurbished laptop market has gone through a massive growth period over the last twelve months. So the purpose of this post is to help you determine if a refurbished laptop really is a good purchase to make this Christmas. Before I do this, though, I think it’s important to understand the different types of refurbished laptops that are available.

Refurbished At The Factory    

These are typically laptops with problems that have been identified during the manufacturing process. These products could not be sent to a distributor. The problem could be anything from a dent on the case to a hardware issue that has been rectified and then passed on to the refurbished market. It can also include laptops that have been returned to the manufacturer with a fault which is then fixed and redistributed on the refurbished market at a reduced price.


Used Laptops

These are laptops that may have been discarded for a number of reasons. Someone could have simply upgraded their laptop, or perhaps its software being out of date. You also have people who believe their laptop is about to give up and crash permanently. However 9 times out of 10 these laptops can easily be cleaned up and will have the relevant software added to make sure it is current and up to date. All of these laptops would have had their previous history completely wiped and will be incredibly quick and responsive for the everyday user.


Custom Adapted Laptops

These are also classed as refurbished laptops as someone may specifically request for the laptop or its software to be updated which ultimately means that particular laptop has been refurbished. However for the purposes of purchasing it will typically be the two types above that you will be offered on the refurbished market.


So What Are Advantages Of Refurbished Laptops?

There are many advantages to purchasing a refurbished laptop with the most beneficial one not surprisingly being the cost. Manufacturers distribute their refurbished laptops at an incredibly low price which means the business selling these to the public are able to pass on a large percentage of that saving. Refurbished laptops can save you as much as 40% of the market price.

Refurbished laptops are also subject to incredibly stringent testing, which means that you are always able to purchase them with the confidence that they have been tested to over and above the required standard. This is another big advantage as you will never have to worry about the quality of the product.

Finally, most of you will be surprised to hear that refurbished laptops are even available with warranties and the length of these warranties will vary dependent on the company you are purchasing them from. I have even heard of some being as long as 3 years (bearing in mind a brand new warranty as standard is only 1 year). Be sure to always inquire about the product’s warranty when making a purchase.



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 The Advantages of Buying a Refurbished Laptop