Oct 30 2012

Techie Review: eM Client 4 – Great and Improving

yokpds0d_thumb Techie Review: eM Client 4 - Great and Improving

I’ve been a long-time user of Mozilla Thunderbird. I think the application is really good as a base email client. One of the great features about Mozilla Thunderbird is the extensibility of the application with the addition of some add-ons; you can make the email client do just about anything. Customizing the email client do or look just how you want, but I have to admit I’ve been looking into the updates and changes that eM client has been making to their email application.

eM Client started out as an email client rough around the edges, but its primary goal was to directly compete with Microsoft Outlook, and if you look at the overall appearance of eM Client, it looks almost exactly like Microsoft Outlook.

ocxhooyx_thumb Techie Review: eM Client 4 - Great and ImprovingOne of the biggest differences between Microsoft Outlook and eM Client is that if you are a big user of Google services you are going to absolutely love eM Client. Where Microsoft Outlook loves Microsoft services, like Microsoft exchange services, eM Client embraces the Google services. EM Client has tight integration with contacts, tasks, calendars, and of course, email.

I did a review of eM Client a long time ago. At the time, I thought eM Client was doing very well. I thought that the application has a lot of potential, but at the time just wasn’t right for myself, but since that time the development team at eM Client has been steadily making huge improvements in the email application. By and large watching the trends of Microsoft Outlook…

eM Client has a lot of powerful features to it. You can tell that the development team has worked a long time on perfecting certain aspects of the email client, such as the presentation of reading the emails and composition.

The handling of email messages with eM Client is top-notch. Microsoft Outlook is a standard in corporate email management and eM Client is a top contender/Challenger for Microsoft Outlook. With the ability to encrypt emails, do quick fulltext searches, email signatures, categories, email rules and with eM Client’s automatic account wizard, it makes concatenating all of your information in one place very easy and convenient. EM Client even offers a translation option, using BING [because Google translate is not free anymore].

Not only has eM Client worked on its internal workings and presentation it has also adopted functionality from outside applications like Xobni. Xobni was/is a third-party application for Microsoft Outlook that concatenates a lot of useful information about the email that you’re looking at. Making it very easy to see information about the current contact, their email address, their picture, previous conversations and easily see any attachments that have been exchanged with this contact; all from the sidebar.

Another powerful feature of eM Client has been integration of the Instant Messenger. EM Client has been working for a long time on perfecting the integration of instant messaging inside the email client, much like Microsoft Outlook does with Microsoft Lync/Messenger; showing the statuses of the contacts, if there online or not. This includes Instant Messenger services like Google and Facebook. EM Client also has Skype integration, to call your contacts directly using Skype technology.

22fxdo4k_thumb1 Techie Review: eM Client 4 - Great and Improving

I’ve never been a huge fan of how eM Client manages their instant messaging accounts or how the accounts are added to the application, but the Instant Messenger does work. Now that Thunderbird has the ability for instant messaging on just about every instant messaging protocol, this places Thunderbird above eM Client on the versatility and options for connecting to contacts the various instant messaging protocols/services. EM Client says that they can connect to these other services through variations of jabber, but the instructions for doing so just aren’t that straightforward.

When I spoke of integration with Google services earlier, you can really see the benefits of this integration with eM Client and the calendar view they offer. One of the most convenient functions of Mozilla Thunderbird is the integration of the Google calendar, but as everyone knows, you have to load 2 different extensions to get this functionality, but with eM Client this integration is built into the application and seems very fluid after using it. You can create your events and appointments, set the times, invite individuals and manage those events very easily by using drag-and-drop functions.

Another point were eM Client excels in the integration of Google tasks. Disappointingly, Mozilla Thunderbird just has not got around to adding Google tasks into their email client, so having Google tasks built into eM Client like this is a definite bonus. I’m glad to see that the development team for eM Client work so hard to get this into the application.

Having to services from Google integrated into the application makes it more beneficial because now this helps the individuals who are on the go and have smartphones to synchronize information/emails and tasks with the PC they have at home.

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Another feature of eM Client that’s going to sell Thunderbird users on this email client is going to be the management of the contacts. EM Client offers full synchronization of Google contacts inside the email client, without having to add extra extensions to fix problems. EM Client also offers the ability to combine/pair contacts. Basically, if you have multiple accounts and you have the same contacts, or similar contacts in each one of those email accounts, eM Client can look at those accounts and combine the contact information to be more comprehensive. The overall management of contact information to eM Client is far superior to Thunderbird; not just and presentation but in comprehensiveness.

When you’re looking at eM Client as an option for an email client, some of the bonuses will sell you right away. A base copy of eM Client, for home users is free; a Pro version to support multiple email accounts is roughly $50. But eM Client runs on Windows platforms back to XP. It supports IMAP and pop3 email accounts and has the ability to import accounts from other email clients directly into eM Client; reducing the pain of having to migrate from other applications.

I’ve been getting back into using eM Client has 2 weeks and so far I’ve been very pleased with how everything’s been presented, how the application works and a lot of the benefits that eM Client can offer. I miss the extensibility of Thunderbird. I miss being able to grab an extension that expands the innate ability of the base application of eM Client, but the application does have a very clean and professional looking appearance.

If you’re in the market for a new email client, you should really look at eM Client as an alternative. EM Client is an application it’s been receiving constant updates and is ever improving. And if you like the look and feel of Microsoft Outlook, but don’t want to pay the price for it, and if you use Google services a lot, eM Client is going to be a good option for you.

Do you choose eM Client; what do you think?


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