Some Things To Know About Microsoft Surface RT

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With Microsoft is ready to release Microsoft Surface, some people are anxious to get their hands on a new tablet. It just seems like a natural thing to do when there’s a new piece of technology on the market. There’s always people that are always going to be early adopters.

Microsoft Surface is expected to cost right at $500 for the 32 GB model and almost $700 for the 64 GB and what I find interesting is that the nifty little clip on keyboard that they show in the commercials cost roughly $120 extra; that just seems ridiculous. You would think that if Microsoft was going to debut a product like this, considering how it’s advertised, you think that Microsoft would include the snap on feature keyboard. Sounds like nickel and dime time.

wkm44lir_thumb Some Things To Know About Microsoft Surface RTThe display on the Microsoft Surface tablet is 10.6 inches [11 inches roughly] and the resolution is substantially lower than the iPad 3. Microsoft Surface is sporting a 1366×768 display resolution. Offering less visual real estate is something that some users will find as a turnoff. That Microsoft is reporting that they believe that the resolution and the fonts that there using are not going to affect the users experience.

One thing that most users need to understand is that Microsoft is offering two versions of Microsoft Surface. One is RT and the other is Windows 8 Pro. Interesting piece about RT is that it’s like a base installation of android, you have to download your applications from the Microsoft market. All previous versions of Windows software that you may have will not run on Windows RT because of the processor is being utilized. From early reports, with the 32 GB installation of Windows RT on Microsoft surface, the average remaining space for other applications and there is storage, most users will have roughly 20 GB.

Microsoft Surface also doesn’t utilize 3G or 4G phone service. Microsoft made the determination that wasn’t enough people utilizing their mobile bandwidth with their tablets; so this time, they’re only going to be using Wi-Fi. But this really is a problem considering that most providers now are offering mobile hotspots and smart phones are able to use tethering abilities.

Surface also doesn’t have a USB 3 port. The determination was that there are many more devices externally the support USB 2 than there are USB 3; which makes sense. There’s not a lot of USB 3 enabled devices right now. Although USB 3 has a much higher transfer rate allows for pandering devices straight from USB port, it’s just not something that’s widely supported at this time. USB 2 devices started out very similar.

Puzzling point to the release of Microsoft Surface is that there seems to be no parent support for SkyDrive; Microsoft’s version of Internet cloud storage. With the Windows RT version, having such low storage, you think that Microsoft would have made this an optimal point to make when offering the device to the public.

enfzbzxe_thumb Some Things To Know About Microsoft Surface RTMost smart phones and tablets now have a micro HDMI port on the devices so that they can hook up their mobile devices to their TVs that have a compatible HDMI port. They do this so they can share their videos and their music with her friends and family without having to do anything special. Microsoft Surface doesn’t have a compatible micro HDMI port native on the tablet. Microsoft is having to sell a separate HDMI adapter [for roughly $40] to make that functionality work. I don’t agree with this and I think it’s a flaw in the presentation of the tablet. [correction there’s a mini-HDMI out]

And Microsoft Surface doesn’t have any GPS abilities. I find this surprising considering the this is going to be a mobile device and Microsoft hasn’t put any forethought into the fact that people will be using this device in a mobile environment and may need to have used for a map or directions; and surface is not going to know where they are.

But the good news for Microsoft here is that the entry-level version of Microsoft Surface RT has only been available for 24 hours and the unit is already sold out. Delivery is slated to start October 26th.


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