Oct 29 2012

Five Clever Computer Pranks Just In Time For Halloween

j4n53rai thumb Five Clever Computer Pranks Just In Time For Halloween

Whoopee cushions and prank phone calls were fun when you were young, but now that’s kid stuff. If you pull one of these pranks now at the office, you end up looking like a child.

However, with Halloween just around the corner, the climate is right for a good prank or two, even at the stuffiest office. What’s more, pulling a good computer prank makes you look smart and sophisticated – at least if you do it right.

Here are five pranks that will keep you and your co-workers rolling.

Blue Screen Of Death Screensaver
Every PC computer nerd knows the blue screen of death. At best, the blue screen means that you’ve lost some or all of the project you were just working on. At worst, it means your hard drive has crashed and all your data is lost (but you’ve got backups, right?).
As a pranksters, you can have some fun by finding a "blue screen of death" screensaver. When your target returns from their lunch meeting, it will seem as if their computer crashed. Bonus points if you can draw your victim away from their computer in the middle of a project, have a friend setup the screensaver, and then follow them back to their computer to hear them say "Oh mannnn!"

Troika Virus For Macs
Mac computers are known for being virus proof, but that has come to an end thanks to Troika.

Like some of the first PC viruses, Troika doesn’t actually harm a computer. Instead, it causes all of the toolbars and desktop icons to collapse on top of one another.
This is an especially great prank to play on someone who has a laptop because the icons will collapse in the direction of gravity. This means that if the laptop is tilted to the side, all of the icons will move to that direction.

While the virus is completely harmless, Mac users will be stumped as to how to remove it. "Hello, Genius Bar?"

Restarting Rampage
This prank is super simple to implement and incredibly aggravating, but it’s only funny when you’re target knows a little something about Windows. Otherwise, it’s just mean.

Start by right-clicking the Firefox or Google Chrome icons on your victim’s desktop and select "properties," followed by "target." Paste the following code:

%windir%system32shutdown.exe -r -t 00

into the box and hit "apply." Now every time the program is launched, the computer will restart! It might take them hours to figure this one out!
Reversing the damage is as easy as deleting the code, but since most computer users will assume a virus is behind the sudden shutdowns, very few bother to check the target property. "Somebody call IT!"

Freaky Start Up Messages
Another great way to toy with a fellow nerd is to create a personalized start up message. This prank goes great with restarting rampage, but can be done separately if preferred.
To start the prank, users should open the "Windows Startup" folder. Next, create a text file with a disturbing message, such as "Hello Jake. That’s a very nice shirt you’re wearing. Is it new?" The message will then be displayed each time the computer is booted up.

This is also great when you want to tease a technically challenged co-worker…just remember, ANYONE who starts the computer will see the message, so you might want to keep it clean.

Mystery Alarm for Super-Tabbers
Do you know someone who has dozens of tabs open in their browser at any one time? If so, this prank is super simple and yet super satisfying. All you have to do is open a tab and visit OnlineClock.net. Once there, set an alarm to go off at an inconvenient time, such as during a meeting or in the middle of a conference call. Your victim might be savvy enough to turn down their computer’s volume, but even if they do, they’re still going to have to figure out where this alarm is coming from. It’s a safe bet that checking all of their open tabs will be far down on the list of items they check.
Even better, OnlineClock.net also works for cellphones. Pranksters can maximize the desired effect by setting both computer and cellphone alarms to go off at the same time. All you have to do then is sit back and watch your victim struggle to mute these simultaneous noises without knowing where they’re coming from.


Author Laurie Mellson is an amateur prankster who helps promote OnlineClock.net. Be sure to check out the site’s online stopwatch too – see http://stopwatch.onlineclock.net. There’s not a lot of prank value on that stopwatch, but it’s nice for timing calls, meetings, etc.

  • sporkmarketing

    The restart rampage prank is a real killer – can’t wait to try that out on this nerd I work with, LOL.

    • http://www.LEHSYS.com/ lehenryjr

      @sporkmarketing I like the blue screen of death… I used it last year. very funny.