Oct 31 2012

eM Client Releases Beta Version 5 As A Preview – Nice.

2ludval3_thumb eM Client Releases Beta Version 5 As A Preview - Nice.

Well, speak of the devil! I just finished posting an article about eM Client and the improvements they had made to version 4 of their email client. It seems I was just a little bit early of the beta release of eM Client version 5.

I spoke highly of eM Client because of the tight integration they have with Google services and the presentation of the overall email client. The email client is also feature-rich, with too many things to list. But the developers at eM Client have gone even further to refine their email client.

I downloaded the beta version of eM Client 5. Some of the notable things about version 5 beta is that eM Client reportedly has full support for Windows 8 and has also adopted the modern Windows 8 style theme; looking very clean and contemporary.

xrudy0eq_thumb eM Client Releases Beta Version 5 As A Preview - Nice.

The new eM Client supports Hotmail [e.g. Outlook.com], contacts and Instant Messenger. Instant Messenger was something that I was mentioning in the last version, about not having all the Instant Messenger protocols for the various services. Adding support for Microsoft messenger inside eM Client is going to be a huge boost for the social functions of the email client.

From their website, here’s some of the new features in v5 beta:

Here are a few of the new features:
– Brand new Windows 8 style modern look
– Full support for Windows 8
– Hotmail support (Mails, Contacts, Messenger)
– Simplified and tweaked GUI
– 4 predefined themes
– Full featured mail backup
– Automatic archivation of older messages
– Support for archive on GMail
– Even better support for GMail including simpler folder hierarchy.
– MSN (Live Messenger) support
– Settings are now completely reworked and simplified
– Import and export settings (including accounts and rules)
– Print preview for mail printing
– Simplified Smart folders (former Global folders)
– Detach chat window quickly with drag and drop.
– Brand new calendar with new look and better support for keyboard.
– Improved execution time.
– Many other bug fixes and optimizations.


Upon installing the beta version, you notice that eM Client now offers a choice of several different themes, modern, classic and pink [cute, but not for me]. eM client seems to have pushed to embrace the new Modern UI that Microsoft is adopting.

0zd1xroa_thumb eM Client Releases Beta Version 5 As A Preview - Nice.EM Client is also now sporting better support for archiving your emails, not just with Gmail, but with other accounts.

Another new function of eM Client gives users the ability to detach the chat window. This allows user to use eM Client not only as an email client, but as a universal chat client as well. It looks as though eM Client is going to continue the expansion of using instant messenger, gaining support for other chat protocols.

The one thing I’m struggling within eM client is the opening attachments. The e-mail client, not as a defect, uses the Windows default actions for opening certain types of attachments [such as PDF, doc and other file types]. My issue seems to be that I like to use other applications for my e-mail client opening attachments, other than what my default system would use. It’s not a big issue, but I’d like to have the option… maybe I can’t find it.

Overall, the application is continuing to make improvements and it’s getting better. I know I said this in the last post, but if you haven’t checked this application out yet; it’s worth loading and taking for a drive…




Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.

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zemified_c eM Client Releases Beta Version 5 As A Preview - Nice.

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