Roku updates firmware for Roku 2, LT and HD; goes further to cut-off YouTube

kdtt0x0d_thumb Roku updates firmware for Roku 2, LT and HD; goes further to cut-off YouTube

Yesterday, Roku announced that they’re releasing a new update for the Roku 2, Roku LT and Roku HD. They reported that their goals were to get the player ready for some upcoming channels and small fixes, but what they actually accomplished was issuing updates and irritating their customers.

One of the things that’s suspiciously missing from the Roku, as anyone will tell you, is the ability to to watch YouTube videos on the Roku.  Roku used to have the ability to watch YouTube videos, but for some reason that ability was removed.  but for the longtime customers who were able to obtain the YouTube channel for the Roku prior to Roku pulling it from the channel listing and preventing it from being installed on the Roku, those customers were able to continue using the YouTube channel without any problems. Now that Roku has issued the update, any customers to update the Roku to the latest version of their firmware, will lose the ability to watch YouTube videos with those old channels.

This is seen by their customer base as a strategic move to completely remove accessibility to YouTube videos.  many customers, including myself, find it very odd that Roku doesn’t have the ability to watch YouTube videos natively;  it’s a streaming video device that doesn’t have access to the number one streaming video library on the Internet.

In my own research, I have found that there are several workarounds to being able to view YouTube videos through my Roku, but it’s not anything close to a pure solution;  all the options that are been presented so far are sideways approaches to what should be natively included with a Roku’s abilities.

Here’s what you can expect from Roku software 4.8 builds 3339 (Roku 2, Roku LT) and 3340 (new Roku HD):

  • Support for several new channels and channel updates to launch later this year
  • Improved standard definition (480p) playback on the new Roku HD
  • Improved MLB.TV playback
  • A number of bug fixes and performance optimizations

Some of the early comments about the update reflect the sentiments of the customer base…

fxwhnj11_thumb Roku updates firmware for Roku 2, LT and HD; goes further to cut-off YouTube

image_thumb Roku updates firmware for Roku 2, LT and HD; goes further to cut-off YouTube

Some see this as a move for Roku to cozy up to Dish Network,  to become their preferred vendor for providing streaming entertainment using their content.

The early attractiveness of the Roku was that people could create channels based on just about any variety of streaming content from the Internet and run it through the Roku, but now it looks as though Roku is not interested in that anymore, but more to controlling what people can and can’t do with the streaming device.

Roku also announced that the updates for the Roku’s, the various versions, will be pushed out in the next 48 hours,  but customers will be able to manually update there respective Roku’s by going to the menus and manually updating the firmware.



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