Roku Application streams music and pictures from your Smartphone – cool.

nkcj2rfc_thumb Roku Application streams music and pictures from your Smartphone - cool.

Roku has recently updated their remote control application to allow for listening and viewing content from your smart phone to your Roku, and ultimately onto your TV set.  Right now the applications improvements is limited to pictures and music.  The updates to the remote application also lets the Roku users launch shortcuts for Netflix, YouTube, Crackle and other Roku channels. You can even add channels to the Roku using the application.

According to the release by Roku, the application used to be restricted just to the United States, but now they have released it to all the other countries.  These are some nice changes considering the applications initial launch was back in March.

Considering that smartphones have the ability to do voice-recognition, I’m a little disappointed in the Roku application because it doesn’t allow for using voice-recognition to search for movies or music;  it’s not even a search function off of the main remote options, but it seems improvements to the application are coming.

The Roku remote app provides some functions such as launching or rating any Roku Channel, playback options and keyboard input for text entry and switching between multiple Roku players,

I anticipate the Roku application being able to stream video from your smart phone [iPhone or android]  here pretty soon.  With any luck will also have the ability to do voice-recognition searches with the various Roku channels,  as opposed to using the touch screen keypad.

Using the application is actually very simple and there’s  no learning curve.  There’s no application/channel to install on the Roku. Once the application is installed on the smart phone, once you start to share the content from your smart phone, your Roku automatically switches to displaying/playing the media on your TV. It makes it very easy to share pictures and music with your friends instead of everyone crowding around your small phone.

What Roku is doing with their mobile app for smartphones,  traditional set-top boxes should do the same and really empower everyone to use a more powerful and flexible remote.


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