iPhone 5 users looking to switch to an Android- It’s Understandable.

nyciguhh_thumb iPhone 5 users looking to switch to an Android- It's Understandable.

Are you in the crowd of people that continue to be unimpressed by the iPhone.  Most can back up enough to say that I understand the iPhone set the standard for what a smart phone is, but beyond that, the execution and handling of the iPhone has been something that I just think is horrible.

The greatest threat to the iPhone success is Apple. Again, I think that what Apple did with the iPhone was a complete generation jump in what a phone was supposed to be and what a phone was supposed to do.  Simply referring to an iPhone or an android phone,  or calling it a smart phone,  is completely wrong.  It’s a mobile computing device;  which happens to have Internet and phone capabilities.  Making phone calls, with the smart phone, is just a small portion of what these devices can do…

As of late, Apple has been taking a beating over the release of iPhone 5 and iOS 6;  especially on the shortcomings of the newly released maps application from Apple.

Another commercial Apple is being attacked on the shortcomings of what the new iPhone 5 changes actually were;  like the screen being only slightly bigger,  the camera having only being eight megapixel and one of the biggest complaints is with the company changing the port connector on the phone;  expecting their customers to purchase the $30 adapter to connect their new iPhone 5  to their old  ancillary media devices with docking abilities.

The new iPhone advertises that there screen is 4 inches, but the average android phone is 4.3 inches and its wider.  The new iPhone also advertises that  they have a new eight megapixel camera, most android devices have had eight megapixel cameras for two years already. So the question is, why did Apple advertise these ‘new’  features when they’re not actually new features, they are features that android users enjoying for some time now.


The iPhone 4 was a big release because of the introduction of Siri, but Siri is an actuality just an application.  when Siri was released, there was already applications for the android platform that provided some of the features that Siri was bragging on. The initial release of Siri with the iPhone 4 was a huge draw,  but I think the honeymoon was over when iPhone users realized that Siri wasn’t as integrated as they would’ve liked it have been. Getting people like Samuel L. Jackson and Martin Scorsese  to do iPhone commercials with Siri  was entertaining, but it’s unlikely that having one application can sell the iPhone.

There is an aspect of the commercial that Samsung is running right now, in regards to the new iPhone 5, it’s the people waiting in line to get the new iPhone 5; it’s ridiculous.  The people that wait in line to get new iPhones are highly entertaining because somehow they believe that the new release is going to be so much better than the last version; almost a revelation. And with this latest release of the iPhone, seems to be Apple’s recent failing legacy to provide customers with groundbreaking new technology. Some would expect the screaming echoes of Steve Jobs to come out of the halls of Apple with some of the shortcomings of the new iPhone 5 and what his expectations were.

But the problems don’t end for Apple in the technology that they present to their customers, Apple has been under constant criticism for the use of modern day sweatshops and slave labor by using the manufacturing company over in China called FoxConn. The less than human working conditions at this manufacturing company have been documented several times.  Undercover reporting went to deep depths  to document the horrible working conditions and brainwashing techniques to keep workers under control and productive,  but the most recent reports show that workers are not that content and the used with the working conditions, and it’s spawned a work riot.  It’s surprising that customers of Apple continue to support this type of working environment by purchasing Apple products, but the disregard for the human beings who are manufacturing devices are quickly dismissed as soon as the devices are placed into the customers hands. It’s not to say that these types of working conditions are not the same for other phone manufacturers, but the types of customers that Apple typically caters to, typically wouldn’t have the mindset that treating other human beings like this would be acceptable.

The situation with Apple and release of iPhone 5 with their Google maps is ridiculous.
Simply because Apple hates Google, they decided that they’re going to place with Google maps with their own mapping application, which is turned out to be a complete flop and has come under a lot of criticism. Mainly because the application mixes the terrain in the maps with a composite that creates a very obscure looking result, not only that, but the mapping application that they released seems to have problems with actually locating the proper locations. It’s not what one looks for when they’re looking at an application is supposed to provide maps of the area, when the maps are incorrect. This problem has customers going back to Google for accurate mapping results, as opposed to sticking with the new mapping application from Apple. For Apple, it’s completely embarrassing, and it’s obviously not going to provide as much as a reputation builder as they would like.

It’s possible that the people who purchased the iPhone 5, and have a lot of Apple products, are the ones who want to stick with the Apple products strictly because of brand loyalty. But if there’s no brand loyalty, why do people even stay with Apple when situations like these are omnipresent?

That’s the point of the commercial from Samsung, is to point out that things that people want can be found with other phones besides Apple’s iPhone 5.

People that I have talked to, that had an iPhone previously found that moving from the iPhone over to an android phone was not that much of a transition, and they really didn’t lose any functionality from the migration. In most cases, they gained functionality.

Another Apple commercial, it introduces the ability to create panoramic pictures. Android users have had the ability to do this for over a year, so where’s the new function? Where’s the big improvement if the other phones already have this functionality?

At one time, Apple was the leader in smart phone technology, and innovating, but that’s not the case anymore. Apple seems to be content in introducing new features that others [Android users] already have, that means that Apple is playing follow the leader. As everyone knows if you’re not leading, you’re following…

That means you’re not in first place…



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