PC’s and laptops aren’t dead- no matter how much its being reported

ul0dzyeq_thumb PC's and laptops aren't dead- no matter how much its being reported
I hear people say all the time about how they need to buy a tablet or they need to get a touch screen. When I hear this I just smile. Technically, we’re just on the cusp of touch screens and tablets. And while tablets and Smartphones are undeniably powerful, they don’t have the power of a PC or a laptop, and they can’t compete in the productivity world of the corporate environment.

Tablets are great toys to play with and they can be somewhat productive fun, but they are nowhere near productive. They are consumption tools/devices and nothing more at our current place. Of course, I’m not saying things aren’t going to change, but currently everyone is enamored by just holding a tablet and being able to touch the screen. Once they, the new users, realize that you can’t really do anything with it; it loses it ‘wow’ factor.

So, when people ask me what do I believe they should do, I always ask the most important question of all; what are you planning on doing with it? Because knowing what your planning on doing with it sets a range of a myriad of things, not just performance, but financially as well.

Look, tablets are fun, but the recent entry of Microsoft Surface shows that, NO, they’re not. The new Microsoft Surface devices are tablets, but they come with abilities for mouse and keyboards. People can’t escape the need to be able to get things done on their computers; even iPads have Bluetooth keyboards…

uauko5js_thumb PC's and laptops aren't dead- no matter how much its being reportedThere’s a certain level of awkwardness to having only a tablet screen for everything… it’s uncomfortable and constrained; people don’t like it.

I have noticed that most tablets are running around 500 to 600 dollars. Most of this is for the touch screen. The tablets themselves are worse than a laptop. At least with a laptop you can upgrade the memory and the hard drive. Or replace both if they go bad. You can’t say this for your ‘tablets’. When they die, they die; or you send off your ‘brick’ to be fixed.

Ask yourself, do you NEED a touch screen? What function does it serve? Is it going to really do something for you productively? No. Is it more fun? Sure, but not useful.

This is why I don’t see touch screens in the work environment. It’s completely absurd right now to think that anyone could do their job with touch screens. While I hate mentioning it in this post; that’s why I believe Windows 8 is such a waste.

But what is the end game?

     Where is it going to wind up?

st4pwc5o_thumb PC's and laptops aren't dead- no matter how much its being reportedWell, it’s going to be a hybrid of a laptop and a tablet. We see this coming with Microsoft Surface and with Smartphones and docking stations. You may have seen them already…

It’s more likely that corporations are going to PUSH for these types of stations… But Why would I say corporations would push for this? Because… for the same reason they give employees Smartphones to carry with them; to take their work home with them.

If employees can work all day to work, and they are running late or they need to do something over the weekend, or a holiday, they can simply grab the screen [which would be touch] and take it with them and work on stuff in the car, on the bus, the plane or just sitting in the park with their kids playing. Ultimately, technology is going to allow this…

While stats show that PC sales are down, that’s because more people are keeping their PC’s longer and more people are buying Smartphones. If these people are largely in to consumption, they don’t need a PC. But for people who DO stuff; they need a PC or laptop.

I know, some will argue that they do everything with their tablet, but these people also know exactly what I was discussing by working in cramped space. I have owned a tablet, I know how important it is to justify the investment you made and to justify that you have accepted a smaller screen, slower processor, limited storage space and accepted a device that has a finite level of expansion… There’s a lot of limitations, but there’s denial for the owners of those units. I don’t blame them. I’ve been there.

But for right now, PC’s and laptops are still very good viable options, and the bonuses to PC’s and laptops…

They are getting smaller, faster, and cheaper. A very decent PC for home is running around $400. A laptop is right around the same price. They have more room for expansion and this gives them a longer life than a tablet might have, and they’re going to definitely be more useful.

But if you’re in to only media consumption… tablets are neat.


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.

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zemified_c PC's and laptops aren't dead- no matter how much its being reported

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