Movie review: The Bourne Legacy – Disappointing.

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The Bourne series of movies, the trilogy, while it lasted, has been one of my favorite trilogies. The movie studios have released another Bourne series movie. The latest movie doesn’t have Matt Damon it; Matt chose not to come back to do anymore Bourne movies; I believe because of some sort of disagreement, or falling apart, that the movie studios had with the director of the other Bourne movies.

But nevertheless, the Bourne series movies made a lot of money for the movie studio, so it only makes perfect sense that they would want to try to continue to replicate and make additional Bourne movies. But because Matt Damon didn’t return to reprises role as Jason Bourne, Jeremy Renner stepped up to try to be a replacement.

I think Jeremy Renner is a really good actor, and he’s played some really good roles; like The Avengers, Mission Impossible and the Hurt Locker, but I think expectations might have been a little too high to step into the shoes of a series like Bourne.

The Bourne Legacy is the fourth movie in the Bourne series; it’s PG 13 and about 2 hours.

The movie starts off with an iconic body floating in the water, just like in The Bourne Identity, but you really don’t know if it’s the first movie or the third movie; The Bourne Ultimatum. Jason Bourne is mentioned several times in in the new movie, and the pictures of Jason Bourne [Matt Damon] used several times in the movie. Lots of the old characters, from the movies appear, you don’t see anything from the old character, Nikki.

The premise of the movie is wrapped around experimental drug use; blue pills and green pills. One pill gives you strength and the other pill gives you intelligence. The new movie is cross laced and with The Bourne Ultimatum.

This movie suggests that this new group of characters are actually working in the background [with Renner’s character] while the other set of characters are looking for Jason Bourne. Something goes wrong with the operation while trying to track down Jason Bourne and then it’s up to this new group of people to shut down Treadstone and Blackbriar. Jeremy Renner’s character manages to escape an assassination attempt and then his goal is to stay alive and to free himself from having to take the sustaining drugs…

There’s quite a few chasing and fight scenes in the movie, but there’s not a lot of situations where it should engage for any amount of time,

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In the process of trying to find more drugs, and to cure himself up having to take the drugs, he looks to the assistance of the character of Rachel Weisz. Rachel Weisz’s role is of a researcher, it has a pivotal responsibility in the production of the drugs.

In the new movie, there’s lots of mentioned about operatives, the CIA, cover-ups and assassins, but the problem with the movie is that it doesn’t have a high point. With all the other Bourne movies, as you’re watching those, there’s a high point; where everything seems to be building to a suspense point and then you ride off to a point where the movie calms down and wraps up…

vlrcykfv_thumb Movie review: The Bourne Legacy - Disappointing.This movie doesn’t do that. Matter of fact, you spend an hour and a half, it seems, on watching a documentary on what not to do on a CIA operation, and then you’re left with roughly 30 min. of chases on motorcycles. The last 30 min. of the movie is actually the best part.

The movie is on an anti-climatic tone. The key factor with most of the Bourne movies is that the people who are doing bad things; they have to pay, they have to be punished somehow.

In The Bourne Legacy, the bad people don’t seem to be punished, and they’re not offset by the main character getting away.

When the movie ends, you’re really expecting something else to happen; something that shows that the bad people are going to get punished, but they don’t. It’s disappointing and it completely sets the stage for sequels…

I think Jeremy Renner and Rachel Weisz are great actors, but this movie was poorly executed and the story seems to be quite lacking. Even with Edward Norton and Stacy Keach, this movie doesn’t earn the right to be called a Bourne movie. Based on how the storyline went, this movie could have been anything else, but because everyone knows Jason Bourne, and everyone loves the Bourne series; the movie studios stretched out to the fans…

This movie was a mistake; just like Timothy Dalton was for James Bond… It never should have happened.


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