Aug 20 2012

Faster Broadband – Should You Switch?

gcm2xpiu thumb Faster Broadband   Should You Switch?

There are several broadband providers in the market today, and many more are entering the foray claiming to provide even faster speed and better services. Simultaneously, consumer demand for faster broadband speed has been growing multi-fold.

Today, the matter of Internet connectivity involves much more than mere browsing, online shopping or sending and receiving emails. Other activities such as online gaming, phone calls, downloading movies and streaming videos require a faster Internet connection. With people preferring to stay online 24×7, a faster broadband connection is a necessity.

If you are wondering if it is time to upgrade to a faster connection, keeping in mind your growing Internet requirements, the answer would probably be ‘yes.’ There are many advantages to it, some of which are stated below.


Increase in Efficiency and Productivity – A faster connection enables you to download and upload large and bulky documents and files at a much higher speed. This, in turn, reduces the downtime and enhances your productivity and efficiency.

Instead of hours, such activities will take minutes, saving you time. For instance, if you work from home through the Internet, a higher broadband speed will allow you to complete more tasks in comparatively lesser amount of time. Web pages that are loaded with graphic and flash intensive will load faster, giving you the much required speed in executing your work.

Even if you use the Internet for leisure activities at home, the very comfort and convenience that a faster speed brings is worth it. A faster Internet speed makes uploading pictures and files, and downloading items feel like a breeze.


The Cost Factor – One might feel that a faster broadband connection comes at a higher cost. However, this cost is almost as much as the cost incurred if you opt for separate lines for making phone calls and accessing the Internet. On adding these, you’d realise that it would be more or less equal to that of a high speed connection.

In fact, prices are not as high as they were earlier and are much more affordable today.


Fast as well as reliable – A faster broadband connection is extremely reliable and allows you to access the Internet anywhere and anytime. It not only saves you from the frustration that builds up due to a slow and undependable Internet connection, but also lets you enjoy constant and immediate access to the Internet.


Video Calls and Conferencing – As mentioned earlier, Internet also facilitates video conferencing and calls. A fast connection gives you smooth and hassle-free sessions of chats with friends and family.


As you decide to switch to a faster broadband connection, there are various things you keep in mind. While now is the right time to switch, it’s advisable not to base your decision on advertisements and flyers alone. Location matters when it comes to broadband speed which varies across UK. Therefore, you should check how fast a connection is by using broadband speed checker.

Check out the deals that your supplier is providing on your broadband connection. You might want a generous data allowance to download movies and music. You can analyse your data usage over the past few months to assess how much you’d need. Based on that, select a deal or offer that suits your requirements perfectly.

The other important factors here include better customer service, as this is one of the prime reasons for switching. Ensure that you’ll get just what you are looking for. It’ll be a good idea to take references or read online opinion about that particular broadband service.

Of course, cost is one of the most important elements here. You can check out the deals and offers from various providers on independent comparison sites online. This will help you compare deals more closely before making a decision.

Making the switch to a faster broadband connection is definitely a smart move due to the many advantages it brings along. In fact, once you do that, you might wonder how you lived without it earlier!


Nathan Morgan has been a IT professional for 14 years.