Aug 08 2012

Can Siri stand her ground with Google and Nuance coming?

3ap5e3mb_thumb Can Siri stand her ground with Google and Nuance coming?As I was checking my RSS feeds today for pretty much anything having to do with the industry of voice-recognition, I noticed an article that reported Google was going to be up pushing their version of Siri into the Apple market. Google’s version of Siri is called  ‘Google Now’.

I think this is an extremely bold move by Google to attack the iPhone on it’s own ground. Not only does this undermine Apple’s marketing practices to make people upgrade because functions like Siri don’t work on previous versions of the iPhone; Apple makes users upgrade to newer phones to use applications like Siri; which is completely unfair.

Siri is nothing more than an application. I’m surprised that the iPhone was sold based on the sole use of Siri and voice commands. The hardest part about voice-recognition is understanding what the person says. Once the voice can be recognized, the data translated and then converted to text; the rest is just figuring out what to do with the specific parts of information.

But so now, Google is going after Apple on its own playground.


There’s been several video comparisons between Siri and Google Now, and while both of them perform very well on voice-recognition, from all the videos that I’ve seen, it shows that Google Now is clearly outperforming Apples Siri.


From the example videos, commands and requests are given to both and android phone and and Apple phone at the same time and the phones are left alone to pull back the proper responses. With each test, Google wins on responsiveness and accuracy. Not only that, but since the release of android 4.1 [Jelly bean], the simulated voice that’s being used by the android operating system, sounds much better than Siri.

And what’s funny is, Siri was the first application on the block to do this; it’s the standard— or was.

I guess the biggest question right now, will Apple allow Google’s application into the Apple marketplace? As far as I know, Apple doesn’t allow applications in the marketplace if there to similar to another application. Obviously, Google Now goes directly head-to-head with Siri.

If Google can beat Apple on their own playground, it’s not going to look good.

I like making the comparison that Amazon outsells brick-and-mortar stores because consumers use the brick-and-mortar stores as showrooms, and use Amazon as a way to get the best deal. By this method, Amazon is encroaching on the brick-and-mortar stores in force with the stores own potential customers; beating them on their own playground.

Google Now is supposed to be in Apple market in just a few days…

Not only is Apple going to be trying to find a way Google, that Nuance is going to be releasing a voice-recognition assistant of their own, called Nina. Nina is a voice-recognition assistant as well, that uses the same voice-recognition system as Siri [from Nuance]; and Nuance is releasing their application for iPhone and android— the same is Google.


I’d say for Apple, and Siri, the fight is on…


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.

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