Aug 24 2012

Advantages of VOIP Phone Systems

pucz1oq5 thumb Advantages of VOIP Phone Systems

Technology is making its way into every aspect of life, including business. As technology advances, certain gadgets are becoming more sensible and necessary in the workplace. Below are a few reasons why you should invest in alternative methods of communication than the typical land line.

Lower Cost

Probably the most notable advantage to these phone systems is the cost. Like cell phones, many carriers do not charge for calls from one VOIP to another. Since this is a growing technology in the business world, it will keep costs of calls down.

Another advantage with the costs is that you can route your phone calls over your existing data network with no need to have a separate one for voice and data. This also allows you to have multiple calls over a single connection, which is great for businesses that receive and make many phone calls in a day.

Also, if you already have existing Internet, there will be very little additional costs as there is not a lot of hardware or software you will need to purchase to utilize VOIP.


Conference Call Abilities

The VOIP system allows the ability for multiple calls to be handled on one access line. When you have only one traditional phone line, only two people can speak, but VOIP will allow large conference calls to occur with ease.

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Lots of Features

There are so many features available to you with the use of a VOIP phone system. Some of the most convenient and useful ones include: caller ID, call recording, voicemail, hold, transfer, call blocking, last number re-dial, fax, international calling, and more. You can have your fax line situated over your VOIP, which will further lower costs and increase the efficiency of your office.


It is important to recognize the needs of your office and to be realistic about what technology you need. If your small business will rely a lot on the phone, then it is a wise and money-conscious choice to go with a VOIP phone system. If you want the most productive and beneficial phone system in your office, it is best to look into a VOIP system.

In order to have your small business running successfully there is a strict advantage to utilizing a hosted VOIP phone system. Everyone knows that the technology you employ in your business is just as important as the people you choose to have working there. Hosted VOIP phone systems will allow your business to conduct daily tasks with ease and without worry of your phone systems going down.



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  • http://www.bptech-inc.com Brent

    Great post. Costs certainly stay down while you can split your internet bandwidth between your phones and computers. Just be sure you have ample bandwidth to share, or your calls may drop!

    • http://www.LEHSYS.com lehenryjr

      Good to know, but VOIP is very cost effective.


  • Jack Holland

    One area my company tried to cut costs was with our conference bridge service. We used freeconferencecalling until one of our clients wondered out loud if they should be doing business with a company that still needed a free call service. We decided to look for a new service that would allow us to provide a professional conference experience for our clients. We settled on Branded Bridge Line (http://brandedbridgeline.com) primarily for their professional voice talent feature. We gave them a script and within a day our conference line had a professionally recorded welcome message and a looping promotion for when our clients were waiting on hold. Our client won’t admit that our conference service is a better one now, but the jokes have stopped. Makes me wonder how many other deals we pitched on our free conference bridge fell flat because we seemed less legitimate. Well worth the $15/month.