Will the rebirth of Digg.com be good enough to save it?

f5kutrnp_thumb Will the rebirth of Digg.com be good enough to save it?For a lot of people, Digg used to be the standard in finding the latest and greatest news on the Internet, but after years of a lack of attention and abuse of the power users of Digg, the site has fallen on bad times. Really bad times…

More and more users are leaving Digg because it’s been obvious for some time that only a select few run the main articles of the site.

If you had aspirations of actually experiencing the ‘Digg effect‘ for your site; you know now that’s unrealistic unless you are linked to a Digg power users. And once all the other Digg users found this out, the discontent started. People started leaving for other news sites like Reddit.

Digg finally realized they had made some mistakes and was going to make an attempt to reform the site and blow some new wind in to the sails, but with the re-launch of Digg, it didn’t do anything but bring more bad news. The new interface was not accepted very well; actually, at all.

Here’s a chart of Digg’s frequenters…

As you can see the traffic for Digg has been in a free fall for some time.

http://www.attentionmeter.com/?d1=Digg.com&d2=&d3=&d4=&d5=w0zqsoih_thumb Will the rebirth of Digg.com be good enough to save it?

Take a pick of site failures, lack of attention to the site itself, a purchased for a fraction, the ever hated Digg Bar, the site completely breaking down or even after the site failed to say or do anything about SOPA awareness… Picking anyone of these issues is a reason for the sites decline in visitors. The site used to be focused on getting the greatest newest out to the masses, but they lost track of what their mission was. It went from being cool and attractive to how can I make more money.

The site is planning a rebirth. Digg was recently purchased for a fraction [$500k] of its value a few months ago by Betaworks. Betaworks is in the process of completely scrapping the current layout and going for something completely new.

http://blog.digg.com/post/28338474438/v1-previewg0ptyjqe_thumb Will the rebirth of Digg.com be good enough to save it?

The gamble is out right now.

The dice have been thrown and have yet to stop rolling… We’ll have to see how the NEW Digg fares in a reimagined pop Internet news world.

The Betaworks team has vowed to listen to the users, to make changes that are beneficial and are going to be good for the masses. We’ll have to wait…


Do you still have interest in visiting Digg anymore?


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zemified_c Will the rebirth of Digg.com be good enough to save it?

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