Jul 23 2012

Movie Review: Batman – The Dark Knight Rises

pqrhdxq4_thumb Movie Review: Batman - The Dark Knight RisesI’m sure when people are looking back on how to make a masterpiece film from a comic book super hero, the Batman series from Christopher Nolan is going to be anyone’s first thought.

There’s three movies to this Batman series, and the first two were just incredible and it so rare that a series of movies can stand in comparison to the first, but this run has been surprisingly nice change. The Dark Knight Rises was a stellar conclusion to a great series. It’s rated PG, it’s two hours and 44 min., and made about $162 million the opening weekend.

The movie truly lived up to all the anticipation and excitement that preceded it. The way I like to describe the Batman series from Christopher Nolan is that if you took away the Batman characters, and replace them with generic characters, not so much superheroes, you still have a great movie. In my opinion though, I’m going to have to say that the second installment of the series, The Dark Knight was my favorite because of the appearance of the Joker.


This was the last movie for Batman from Christopher Nolan. In the final movie, it picks up eight years later; Batman has become a recluse and has pretty much retired, but he’s drawn out anyway. Harvey Dent is dead and evildoers are still trying to destroy Gotham in Batman has to overcome and save the day. The primary villain in the movie is Bane. Where Superman has Doomsday, Batman has Bane… nothing about the movie seems particularly forecasted.

There is a level of suspense in the movie that you really don’t find with other superhero movies. These renditions of Batman, in this series from Nolan, has really redefined how a comic book character can be brought to life and told in dramatic fashion.

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Christian Bale gives another great performance as a self-tortured superhero/vigilante. Anne Hathaway plays the role of Catwoman, I don’t think that she was the right person for the part. She played a great role, but she didn’t convince me of what I envisioned Catwoman was supposed to be. Tom Hardy played the role of Bane. I was very surprised at how will Tom play this role, and for the most part you really don’t know who, or you could make out, who was playing the role of Bane.

The mask that was worn throughout the film, you only get to see Tom Hardy’s face once; and just for a few seconds, but he played a fantastic role. Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and Gary Oldman played some of the best true to life characters moviegoers could ask for in a Batman movie; they were great.

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As with the other two movies proceeding, the story is the most powerful thing about the movie, but the graphics in the movie really accentuate the situations. I’m really glad that the movie wasn’t focused on the push for 3-D. I’m sure 3-D films are fascinating to some people, but great movies don’t have to be in 3-D; great movies require a great story and characters that people care about.

Special effects for movies like this are prerequisite, but I really like the way that they tried to focus on the story more than anything. There’s plenty of action scenes, and plenty of situations where they need to have computerized graphics; but the movie really tried to focus on the underlying story.

In conclusion movie, like this one, it’s good to see that they were able to bring all the people back to wrap up the series. With the exclusion of some characters, they were able to bring everyone back to the final movie and wrap up the series as best as possible. there’s already a rumor in Hollywood that if you going to do the superhero movie you need to use the ‘Nolan’ effect; that’s how effective and successful the Batman series has been. When the trilogy is released, I’m sure it’s going to be very popular.

Batman from Christopher Nolan is going to be considered a masterpiece trilogy…


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.

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