How HUD glasses are making the world nerdy…

p1uxp04e_thumb How HUD glasses are making the world nerdy…

I remember the days where wearing glasses was not the cool thing to do, but it looks as though times are changing as long as you’re keeping in step with technology. Google is now working on a project ‘project glass’; which is a pair of glasses that have a heads-up display in it, or HUD. The concept of mounting a computer on your face seemed to be very intriguing to everyone; it’s definitely flavor of the month.

But there’s other companies that are trying to do the same thing, like Apple and Olympus [MEG4.0]. These companies are already working on their own versions of glasses with heads-up displays. I mean they look like classes but there really computers mounted on a, glasses type frame; they’re just wearable computers or mobile devices, that rest on your face.

Olympus’s futuristic glasses utilize the imaging company’s pupil-division optical system for a see-through display that won’t obstruct users’ visibility of the outside world. The device also achieves high brightness levels with low power consumption, increasing outdoor clarity, the company said.

350704-olympus-wearable-display-prototype How HUD glasses are making the world nerdy…


Here’s a video on Apple iGlass…


Right now the point of these types of devices is to be able to capture everything as a first-person view. The mobile devices would be something that the person would need to wear almost constantly, and obviously fashion is and after thought because now they’re [Google] starting to making these mobile devices fashionable. I mean no one really wants to look like a cyborg. But the benefits to these devices seems to be to have all kinds of information right at the ready, and in-your-face [on your face].

I could see the benefit to having these types of mobile devices. They have Internet service, WebCams, streaming music, streaming video, GPS and all kinds of other functions. But what I can’t get past, is a population of people that don’t need glasses, wearing glasses, for the purpose of being a quasi-cyborg.



Google has their project, Apple has their project [iGlass] and I just saw the Olympus is doing something very similar. It just seems to be in on race to miniaturize mobile devices, form them into the shape of what most people would concede them as glasses. And they’re all going for the basic same features and functions; the question is who’s going to do it better?

And who’s to say that these types of projects can’t morph into something even more important though. I can see police officers wearing devices like this; for heads-up display for personal identification, vehicle registration and other stuff— even more so, military uses.

dmcwhznt_thumb How HUD glasses are making the world nerdy…But if you were to take these types of technologies and mix it with other stuff, I think it would be more fantastic. For instance, I was reading recently that they have a computer based set of reading glasses. The reading glasses dynamically adjust resolutions/prescription based upon the angle of the head of the person who’s wearing them. For instance, if you’re looking straight ahead the glasses would focus for things that were in the distance, but if you tilted your head down, the glasses would readjust for a more comfortable reading prescription.


khkgxtsp_thumb How HUD glasses are making the world nerdy…And referencing 3-D television glasses, the expensive ones, the ones where the lenses would flicker on and off because they were LED driven. This means that you could have a pair of computerized, per se, sunglasses if both lenses could dim at the same time.

And after all these years of carmakers trying to create heads-up displays with vehicles, it would actually make more sense for the vehicles to be able to interface with these types of wearable mobile devices that can communicate with the vehicle and put important information in the view of the driver and no one else.  I think that would be an interesting interface as well…

I admit, there’s a lot of excitement right now around the release of these types of mobile devices, but I think that regardless of the manufacturer, or the company that’s trying to push it, they’re going to have to get past a group of people that thinks that wearing glasses is goofy; especially if you don’t have to wear glasses. The fact that it can be done is fantastic, but the practicality of these types of devices may be something that’s going to be popular with a small niche of the market.

The buzz around these devices is wild; to the point people can be assaulted for thinking maybe they are being video taped. Here’s a new development from just the other day about how Google is going to work in theft detection of the glasses? What if they take your head?! [yuck]

But with technology, you can always be guaranteed of the few things; it’s going to get smaller, it’s going to get cheaper and they’re always going to be adding new little features.  It’ll be very interesting to see what this does in the next 10 years; if they can do to glasses what they’ve done to phones…

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