Google+ Hangouts continues to chip away at Skype

5ncwl2vl_thumb Google+ Hangouts continues to chip away at Skype

At a time when Skype is fighting for it’s own creditability against rumors that it’s snooping on their users conversations, when they’re putting advertisements in to the conversations as people are talking and where Skype won’t allow multiple users to chat without paying a premium membership; Google+ Hangouts is just rocking the house down.

Google hangouts, since its release, has been adopted very quickly and it’s been praised for how easily the video conferencing service works. More and more people are adopting the use of Google hangouts because it offers more flexibility and ease-of-use than Skype.

The perception of Skype seems to be that of a corporate presence; with a bit of a serious undertone. Ever since Microsoft took over Skype, there’s been a lot of rumors about what Microsoft was going to do with Skype, and what direction and future would hold them, but visibly, Microsoft really hasn’t done anything with Skype just yet.

But if you take a look at Google+, with Google hangouts, their service has been rolled out extremely fast, it’s being widely adopted, it’s available through Google’s website and through just about every android platform. Google hangouts video conferencing format is being pushed with every android installation and activation.

While Skype denies the rumors that it eavesdropping on the conversations of its users, it’s enough to get people already thinking about who’s calling the shots behind the curtain for Skype. It’s enough to shake the foundation and stability of using the Skype service completely. If users even feel like their privacy is being invaded upon by using the Skype service; it’s going to die very quickly.

Another thing that hurting Skype right now is the fact that it doesn’t allow multiple people to have discussions inside Skype unless they pay a premium membership fee; Google hangouts allows this, up to nine people, at no charge.

It’s ironic that Microsoft/Skype should find themselves in this position because what Google hangouts is doing to Skype, is exactly Microsoft did to Netscape.

Skype is an established video conferencing format, and that means of the going to have a huge following, and establish product line, and an ingrained set of users, but if Google hangouts keeps progressing at the rate it’s going adding new features at a high frequency; it’s not going to take long to destroy a 8bn dollar investment for Microsoft.


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