DYMO LabelManager Pnp: I found a good deal…

lxek10l4_thumb DYMO LabelManager Pnp: I found a good deal…The other day, I found myself in a situation where I thought a label printer would do me a lot of good; so, I set out to find one.

My goal was to find the best one that suited my needs and was economical [you know, cheap]. I also wanted a printer that was USB compatible. I wasn’t really interested in a label printer that was portable; I really needed one that was going to be able to be hooked up to my PC so I could easily copy and paste information directly to label maker type application and then just print the information.

After a couple of searches the Internet and some jumps through eBay I found a label printer that I would like to purchase. Basically, what I do is use the Internet for my research, and then try to find a brick-and-mortar store that’s close by that I can find the same item at reasonably the same cost.

What I found was the DYMO LabelManager Pnp. It was compatible with the PC and Mac [although I don’t have a Mac]. The unit is USB powered, so I don’t have to have an external power source to run device.

43q0yalb_thumb DYMO LabelManager Pnp: I found a good deal…

The device supports custom fonts, is plug-and-play compatible with PC and Mac. Once the device is connected it establishes itself as a USB device storage device with the appropriate drivers and software to use the device properly.

On the original packaging of the device, it comes with a standard USB cable. I was surprised to find that the USB cable that came with it had the larger USB connection on the end; I was really expecting a midsized USB connection for the device considering the size of the label printer. Another thing the device requires, and comes with is a lithium ion rechargeable battery. The label printer comes with a one-year limited warranty; and I thought that was good enough.

I had done some searching on the Internet and on eBay, and found this printer to be pretty much what I was looking for. I had also used Google shopper to find local stores that had this printer in my area. None of the stores had the printer for the price that was listed on the Internet, but I decided to go to Office Depot, which was supposed to have the lowest price, and have the item in stock, and go check out the item for myself for some hands-on.

Honestly, I thought that if I had to pay an extra 10 bucks to buy the printer right there, I would. But after I reached the store, and inquired with the store associate about purchasing the printer at that price, it was a no go. It’s really disappointing when you can find items on the Internet for a particular price, but you can’t purchase that same item at a brick-and-mortar store. Even at a discount, I would think that the brick-and-mortar stores would want to have some business as opposed to no business. So, I left the store empty-handed…

When I returned home, I took the part number of the label printer I was looking for and punched into eBay. I found several vendors for this item, but finally I found one that was willing to sell the item for $39. this was really a good deal in comparison to the $79 that Office Depot wanted to charge me for the same item, and free shipping. For a savings of almost $40, I was willing to wait a few days for delivery. So, I processed my payment with PayPal, and a few minutes later I received it confirmation of my order that was being processed; and the day after I received confirmation that the item shipped… a very smooth experience.

sohern35_thumb DYMO LabelManager Pnp: I found a good deal…Installation of the label printer could not have been more simple. A label printer is so simple, I think the instructions are there just simply as a formality [like don’t eat the aluminum from the pop tart wrapper, duh].

Once I receive the label printer, I unpackaged it, removed all its contents, plug a USB cable, inserted the battery and then plugged in the label printer to my machine [PC]. The label printer was detected by my machine automatically, if your machine is configured to automatically run the installer applications from devices that are newly detected on your system, the DYMO software will start automatically; it’s that simple.

fjj5aypj_thumb DYMO LabelManager Pnp: I found a good deal…

All of the common functions that the application does, is located in the toolbar right above the composition area. This is one of those applications that you really don’t need instructions for; you should really be able to figure this out right away.

The application starts very quickly, because the application size is very small and simple. You can take information from an application using the standard copy/cut and paste functions from Windows and then quickly click on the blue button in the bottom right-hand corner to print your label; the printing is very quick.

A label printer comes with a small supply of label tape…

5xmwdgyp_thumb DYMO LabelManager Pnp: I found a good deal…

d41ba4db_thumb DYMO LabelManager Pnp: I found a good deal…The label tape for the label printer is D1.

the amount of label tape that comes with unit is very little, so shortly after purchasing the label printer, or if you’re planning on purchasing this printer, it would probably be a good idea to go ahead and purchase some additional D1 label printer tape.

the label printer works with one quarter, 3/8 and half-inch label widths, and the labels are easy peel; which means you simply squeeze the label and have horizontally, the backing of the label becomes loose and you tear the label backing off exposing the adhesive portion.

The prices for the tape seems to be competitive; here’s a quick search on eBay.


All in all, I’m very happy with the unit, and I’m happy with the price that I paid for it. the unit is somewhat portable, because it’s very small and I’m able to use it on a PC or Mac, and I don’t have to worry about taking an installation disc with me. I can take the device from my machine over to my wife’s laptop, or a friends machine and plug it in and know that it’s going to work without having to go through a bunch of steps; it’s pretty much hassle free.

So, based on my experiences with purchasing and using this label printer, I think it was a good purchase…

I hope this helps…



Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.

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