Nuance set to release Nina – Virtual Assistant

ukzs3ltd_thumb Nuance set to release Nina - Virtual Assistant 

In a world where people expect voice-recognition features from there smart phone; Nuance is the leader in voice-recognition in various products, not just smartphones and PCs. The past couple of years have been very exciting for Nuance in the respect that they’ve been able to expand from call centers and selling PC software to rapidly developing their voice-recognition software and algorithms to be even better.

So now Nuance is releasing Nina

Nuance partnered with Apple to release Siri early on. I think everyone can agree on the popularity and the use of Siri. The latest commercials show Martin Scorsese using Siri with the iPhone.

It’s simply the excitement and novelty of being able to pick up a electronic device and speak to it, and have that device do what you want to, but in the world of voice-recognition there’s been an ongoing battle on who can do voice-recognition and virtual assistant better.

While Apple has Siri, Google has their Google Assistant. but because of the Android platform and that the voice-recognition is built into the operating system, many startups have been trying to develop their own version of Siri; like Iris [Siri spelt backwards].

Everyone’s trying to do the same thing. Collectively, I think everyone work on the same project it would be absolutely outstanding, but the fact is everyone is competing in working in their own direction to create the best virtual assistant.

A lot of that is based on the level and performance of the voice-recognition. If the voice-recognition algorithm cannot understand what the person is requesting, or what the person is saying the virtual assistant can’t help…

Nuance has spent many years developing and developing their voice-recognition. Dragon NaturallySpeaking is the best and most accurate voice-recognition software there is on the market for Apple or PC.

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But again, there’s a competition between Apple and Android. sometime back, Nuance released a nice little application called Dragon Go! It was a comparative application to what Android offers as Google voice commands. Dragon Go! offered quite a few useful functions, for directions, information and various other functions, but with the release of Nina, we’re going to see a tighter integration of Nuance’s voice-recognition with the resources of what smart phones with Apple and Android can do.

I think the overall problem with the virtual assistance in general is that either you have an iPhone with Siri or you haven’t Android operating system with Google assistant. people want to be able to move about smartphones and carry across familiar applications; I think Nuance is going to do that with Nina. They’re going to bridge the gap between Android and Apple. They’re going to get everyone a virtual assistant that works the same on either the iPhone or and Android phone/device; this is how Nuance is going to win the market in the world voice-recognition.

There’s not a lot of information about Nina right now, but I’m sure that it’s going to be met with a warm reception because of the level of voice-recognition that Nuance provides.


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.

…via Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11

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