Jun 20 2012

Mozilla Thunderbird v13 gets large attachment handling

xdalwh1w_thumb Mozilla Thunderbird v13 gets large attachment handling

While others may be flocking to the web for their e-mail handling/management, Thunderbird is still my e-mail application of choice, and I still think having my emails local, where I can filter, reply and compose is better than having to deal with the web interfaces; which, for me, seems like they are trying to catch up with how well the local applications work— it’s circular thinking.

My reasoning is that if Gmail or any other web-based e-mail service goes down, I still have my emails local; I’m not out of the game. Whereas if you rely solely on web, you don’t have this resource and fall back option.

Anyway, Thunderbird has added two big functions to it array of functions; large file handling and pushing for web-based e-mail services. Hopefully to get you guys away from your ISP.

Large attachment handling…

BUT Thunderbird released a new version of their e-mail client with the ability to handle large file attachments right in the e-mail application. They have integrated the service ‘YouSendIt‘…

vsjmi5p3_thumb Mozilla Thunderbird v13 gets large attachment handling

The account is free and sign up is very easy…

YouSendIt is basically a file sharing service that allows user to upload large files, to share/send, to others that’d normally be too large to work with traditional e-mail… So now, in Thunderbird you compose your emails attach your files; the e-mail is sent and the attachment goes to YouSendIt, where the other party can pull it down.

obae0x1h_thumb Mozilla Thunderbird v13 gets large attachment handling

Web-based e-mail accounts…

Another new feature Thunderbird is/has added is the push to get a web based e-mail account. I have always said having a web-based e-mail account is better than sticking with what your ISP gives you; it stakes you down and takes away your impulse to change your ISP; because you would lose your e-mail address, emails and contacts.

eq3yying_thumb Mozilla Thunderbird v13 gets large attachment handling


I have to admit, I don’t always pay a whole lot of attention to Thunderbird released and I may have missed it, but I did notice a new listing the Thunderbird features under the tools menu.

psyq54fe_thumb Mozilla Thunderbird v13 gets large attachment handling

This is an option, it seems to be an integral part of the Thunderbird development process and gives a slew of options on how you can participate; stuff like sending usage data and reporting problems with the application. They seem to be calling it ‘studies’.

I’m going to look in to this a little more— it seems curious.


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Larry Henry Jr.

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zemified_c Mozilla Thunderbird v13 gets large attachment handling

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  • leen

    It's curious to find that the yousendit account is supposed to be free according to this article. I followed the link but found that it costs *at least* $9.99/month. Which is rather steep for a service that is available for free all over the net.

    • Notice the site… http://www.yousendit.com/compare-plans

      There's a LITE option… but you're right, there are premium options as well.
      I'm sure that Thunderbird will add a Google Drive option soon; that'll be nice.

      Thanks for contacting me…