Microsoft’s new tablet looks good on the Surface, but…

bgih2yfn_thumb Microsoft's new tablet looks good on the Surface, but…On Monday, Microsoft announced that it’s going to be distributing their new tablet PC called Surface. I’m going to call it a tablet PC because, basically that’s what it is, but this release of Microsoft’s tablet is going to be a direct competitor Apple‘s iPad.

A lot of people are making direct comparisons between Microsoft and Apple, but the truth is that the comparison is going to be between Apple, android and now Microsoft. Somehow the android operating system has been somehow downplayed with release of the news about Microsoft’s tablet PC.

I’m typically pretty critical about anything new for Microsoft because Microsoft used to be the leader in technology, they used to be the guiding force in the technology field, but over the past decade [or so] they have let their ability to lead lapse. Even Microsoft’s basic ability to copy features and functions from other operating systems or even other companies has become overly incompetent, but Microsoft remains the dominant operating system of the world and with that comes a level of recognition.

But I have to say, I thought the release of this information about a new tablet PC for Microsoft was a good thing; especially with offering the two types of processors. And the inclusion of adding a screen covered that doubles as a keyboard/trackpad was something that was a good idea as well. I’m not really sure why Apple or the other android tablets haven’t thought of this before, considering that ancillary products like keyboards and mice can be purchased after the fact, and the use of traditional keyboards and mice have proven to be more productive.

h2tzk2gz_thumb Microsoft's new tablet looks good on the Surface, but…

This leads me to believe that by Microsoft releasing this tablet product, with the ability to use a keyboard and mouse, and be able to use traditional software, may be the answer to bridging the gap in their operating system paradigm to give one uniform look and function for their brand.

From the early reports about Microsoft tablet, it’s going to be about $500. That’s going to put it in direct competition with other android and Apple tablets that are already dominate in the market. But one of Microsoft’s strong point is that it’s releasing a tablet version of their operating system they can run all the traditional Windows applications; this is a huge plus.

I think everyone will have to agree on this; whether it be Apple or android operating systems, since Microsoft hasn’t had a definitive presence in the mobile market or with tablets, Apple and android developers have had the pleasure of developing their own replacement applications for traditional applications people have been using with Windows. But now that Microsoft is coming out with their own tablet, people may be more apt to stick with Microsoft and the familiarity.

But familiarity is something that Microsoft is not really offering with Windows 8. Windows 8 is a new imagination of how the Windows operating system should look and function… Reviews and impressions about the new operating system user interface are still highly mixed. some people say that the user interface that Windows 8 offers is something that Microsoft should have done a long time ago, while others say that the new interface with Windows 8 hides certain features, causes operator to do excessive clicking to get to where they want to go… the opinions about the looks and feel of Windows 8 seem to be highly polarized. Only time in the market will tell if Microsoft was right…

Microsoft has another problem though with their operating system; it’s the dreaded system crashes. The Windows operating system has a tendency to crash for various different reasons and it’s become a negative catchphrase for Microsoft. I think everyone is aware of the dreaded ‘blue screen of death‘…

The blue screen of death seems to be something that Microsoft simply cannot escape. I can honestly say that after my years of using and android-based tablet and mobile device, I have never seen the operating system crash. There’s never been a proverbial blue screen of death from android; but android has rebooted on me. But I think there’s a difference between having operating system reboot on me, versus having an operating system visually show me a crash screen. Personally, I think it would be better just to show the operating system rebooting…

The only reason that I bring this up is that on Monday Microsoft gave a press release about a new product they’re going to be offering. During the presentation of Microsoft Surface, Microsoft’s operating system crashed.

If you have ever been in a situation where your getting a software presentation, in the software that you’re getting the presentation for crashes; it’s highly embarrassing. You really have to have some self-control to be able to handle situations like this. In the video above, the presenter seems to do okay with the crash screen that pops up, but it’s fairly obvious that something went drastically wrong.

I think if Microsoft is going to release their own tablet PC, the going to have to start working a lot closer with developers and putting more stringent requirements on the applications that are going to run on the tab PC, to make sure that the overall experience of using the tablet PC on Surface is a good one; and to avoid those blue screens of death.


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zemified_c Microsoft's new tablet looks good on the Surface, but…

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