Disappointed: Skype adds adverts to Video Conversations

himvb0a0_thumb Disappointed: Skype adds adverts to Video ConversationsI did a comparison a while back between  Google hangouts and Skype. I found that using Google hangouts was actually a little more easy to use than Skype. Skype is a great video conferencing application and historically, it’s been free, but since Microsoft purchased Skype last year for close to $8 billion dollars, everyone’s been kind of wondering what’s going to happen with Skype and what Microsoft is going to do to basically sabotage the Skype name brand…

Well, you don’t have to wonder much longer. Skype has decided to start putting in call commercials, and the actual Skype call session.

Ugh, this is such a bad idea…

So, imagine if you will, you open up your favorite web conferencing software, Skype, and you’re in the middle of the conversation with a family member or friend, or a business partner, and then all of a sudden in the middle of your conversation this intrusive commercial pops up; forcing you to watch it.

32gito01_thumb Disappointed: Skype adds adverts to Video Conversations

Now, according to Skype, they think that popping up a commercial in the middle of your Skype conversation is going to spark conversation about the advertising…

I want to take a second here to say that this type of mentality is completely, and utterly, stupid…

The smartphone market has been littered with applications that are free and or supported by advertising in the application, but the advertising in the mobile market hasn’t been nearly as intrusive as what Skype is trying to do. And let’s not forget that the overall at of interrupting a conversation is generally considered rude.

There’s been other applications like Digsby, a little while back; that before they were purchased by Tagged, they were exploring with the option to put advertising into your instant messaging conversations, but they were smart enough to put options into the application for the users. They put options in the application where users could view the advertising at the top or the bottom, or the left or the right. At least they understood the advertising if it’s intrusive is a huge turnoff; so they try to accommodate their subscriber base as much as possible.

This is such a bad idea that I would love to see the beta testers results and comments about adding advertising into the Skype conversations. I wonder a stop to think that yes I’m testing the ability to show advertising during a Skype conversation, but did they stop to think that this might be the wrong thing to do…

It’s my opinion that Microsoft purchased Skype for their subscriber base and for the brand name. If Microsoft feels that adding advertising into a Skype conversation at inopportune moments is the right thing to do, they are surely on a destructive path to destroy the Skype name brand. Not only this they’re going to push people faster and faster over to Google hangouts.

With the amount of space that’s wasted during a typical Skype session, Microsoft/Skype Would have been better off putting advertising at the top or the bottom of the Skype session for the entirety of the session.

These changes in a Skype application, with advertising in the Skype sessions, applies to all users who use Skype but don’t have any credits. If you purchased credits through Skype to use their service, you’ll not see advertising during the sessions.

As a member of the subscriber base, I hope they realize this frequently and make some positive improvements to the application; and not be so damn intrusive and rude.


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.

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zemified_c Disappointed: Skype adds adverts to Video Conversations

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