Customizing: Cool updates to WordPress 3.4

tfciq1ap_thumb Customizing: Cool updates to WordPress 3.4

When I turned on my computer this morning to check out the news and to see what’s new on the Internet, one of those things to do is to drop by my website and make sure everything is okay. When I login to LEHSYS I noticed that there was updates to WordPress; there was an update to version 3.4…

WordPress is the most popular and most customizable blogging service there is on the Internet. and with the latest release of WordPress 3.4, there some nice new features; with any luck the developers who create themes for WordPress will be rushing to release updates to their existing themes to make them more compatible with the latest release.

Live Theme Previews

One of the things that the latest version of WordPress has is the live preview of themes. themes are the curtain of WordPress they dictate the appearance and actions of the blogs. Having the ability to do a live preview of the themes is something that pretty much all bloggers and people who work on theme design have been concerned about for a while. There’s actually a plug-in for WordPress called ‘test drive theme’; it gives you the ability to activate a specific theme, based upon a users access account, allowing all the customizations and changes to be made without affecting the actual website blog is being displayed to everyone else.

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Having this function built-in to the latest version of WordPress will most likely negate that plug-in, but it’s something that WordPress really needed to have in the first place. The reports of the new features show that you can make all your customizations and make all the option changes you need to before activating the theme.


Custom Headers

One of the most important aspects of the blog, and for people trying to customize blogs, is the ability to change the logos and headers of the website. This process could be fairly difficult if you’re not familiar with customizing the theme or having to work out the specifics of CSS. While some people argue that these processes aren’t that difficult, a lot of individuals believe that these types of settings, making these changes, has been too difficult and needs to be much simpler; well, now it is…

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With the latest release of WordPress you can decide how tall or wide the custom header image will be. According to the release notes themes will come with a recommended size, but you’ll be able to make customized changes— but it should also be noted that this is for supported themes only; which gets me back to theme developers updating their themes.

There’s also going to be a option to choose header images from your media library, so you won’t have to re-upload your header image every time you’re checking out a new theme.

s21a5qzv_thumb Customizing: Cool updates to WordPress 3.4


Twitter Embeds

For all those people who use Twitter feeds and updates from Twitter, and you want to build but those comments and stuff into your blog, WordPress now has the ability to integrate those types of updates directly into the blog post.

image_thumb2 Customizing: Cool updates to WordPress 3.4


Better Captions

And for all those bloggers out there who like to share images and like to put captions on all the images, word press has improved the captioning process/options.

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Other Updates in WordPress 3.4…

Directly captured from the update…

Faster WP_Query

Post queries have been optimized to improve performance, especially for sites with large databases.

Faster Translations

The number of strings loaded on the front end was greatly reduced, resulting in faster front page load times for localized installations. Also, better support for East Asian languages, right-to-left languages, theme translations, and more.

Themes API

WP_Theme, wp_get_themes(), wp_get_theme(). Faster, uses less memory, makes use of persistent caching.

Custom Header and Background API

Custom header and background API relocated into the theme support API.


A new WordPress API that supports custom content types and taxonomies, as well as dozens of other bug fixes and improvements.

External Libraries

jQuery, jQuery UI, TinyMCE, Plupload, PHPMailer, SimplePie, and other libraries were updated. jQuery UI Touch Punch was introduced.


These are some good updates from the latest release of WordPress. It seems like most of the updates that we get to WordPress are focused around security and performance, but I’m glad to see the were starting to move in the direction of being able to completely customize the blogs appearance and simplifying the user experience.


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Larry Henry Jr. 

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