May 14 2012

Smartphone development is just a repeat of the PC evolution…

wkee1bli_thumb Smartphone development is just a repeat of the PC evolution…If you’ve been around long enough to remember Apple vs. IBM. Or when Commodore C64‘s were better than TSR-80 [coco’s]; from there, you can reference everything I’m going to say here.

I’d presume this comes around with being in tech long enough to see it circle back around and repeat itself. It started with the PC’s. There was a whole work up on operating system’s, hardware specifications and then how small can you make them, and then how cheap can you make them…

Having to watch the history of tech just wrap around again is kind of boring… The only difference is this time, it has to do with small portable devices. Small devices, running small operating system’s; operating system’s that can do just about everything.

Watching the tech companies race to push out another 200mhz processor or another graphics improvement, or a higher resolution is boring. You find yourself realizing that another 200mhz [big deal, why bother…].

The ability to do amazing graphics is there, the trick now is putting them smaller. The Smartphones have a limited amount of space to work with, and the manufacturers are working as hard as they can to get as many pixels in to the smallest space… to me it’s a quasi-interesting race to watch…And what’s the big deal?

I have amazing graphics on my PC and I have [in comparison] a massive screen to play my games on, but for some reason it’s more trinketity to be able to do the same thing on a 4.3″ screen… it seems more important to put a game in your hand than a dictionary.

And Smartphones aren’t phones, phones are just a small part of what they do…

And Smartphones aren’t for getting work done; they are for consuming information. You don’t create reports or do 3D rendering on your Smartphone. Now, with their current processors, they probably could, but the screens are too small…

The way I see it right now, the biggest thing pushing Smartphone specifications and better hardware performance is the ability to play more games… But hell, games are what Smartphones seem to be made for; killing time and entertaining yourself until the next event. Anything to avoid the dreaded ‘boredom’.

One of the biggest revolutions the Smartphones and hardware development is driving is the death of the book. Soon, as a standard, kids will be taking tablets home with extraordinary abilities for education.

What’s the worst about this cycle of repeating, is that behind each release, there’s a new version right behind it. You can never get the latest version. And while people might have been able to update their PC’s in the past to make them last a little longer, Smartphones are solid state. You can’t upgrade them, except for a memory chip and an operating system upgrade. And if you’ve lived through any of this cycle, you know that an operating system upgrade is like kryptonite to an older Smartphones.

Some websites want to cover each release of each new phone and they consider that news. I disagree, they’re just reporting on new hardware specifications. They might as we’ll be reporting about the latest solid state drive being released— or if snails have moved another inch…

Security; Smartphones have security problems and problems. You’d think that after years of developing in the PC world programmers would have learned to generate a secure operating system, but for iOS and Android operating system’s to be so new, they’d be safer, but we hear about privacy and security problems every other day and how applications, not so much viruses, are stealing our information… PC’s wrestled with security and viruses for years; where’s the progress?

What makes the Smartphones fascinating is the applications that developers write for them; software always drives the market… just as I mentioned earlier with games driving the hardware development/specifications.

So, overall Smartphone game or  ‘hardware’ releases are deathly…


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.

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zemified_c Smartphone development is just a repeat of the PC evolution…

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