May 20 2012

Review: The Avengers continues to CRUSH the box office…

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For 3 weeks in a row The Avengers is just bad bad news for any studio wanting to release a movie. The Avengers over the past three weeks, since it’s release has made a staggering amount of money; over $100 million…$200 million the first weekend… and $55 million the 3rd week.—it’s a mind numbing thought.

I braved the theaters the first week the movie was out, but I had to go back and watch the ‘event’ again; there was so much to the movie, so many things I didn’t get the first time; there’s subtle hints all through the movie. This weekend I was able to get back to the theater to watch it again; it’s such a great movie.

I’ve talked about The Avengers with my friends and anyone else who’s seen it. They’re all in agreement that the thing that makes The Avengers such a great movie is the fact there’s no ‘building’ to it. Everyone knows who the characters are, there’s no need to explain who any of the characters are… Even if you didn’t know who the characters were, you are going to figure it out very quickly. And if you’re an Avengers fan, there’s not a thing to cover…

As I visited the theaters again this weekend, there were still no seats in the auditoriums… they were sold out; even the early shows…

So, Marvel has really picked a grand slam with this one.

This movie is an apex event, building from other movies to this one. SHIELD brings together this group of heroes to save the day from a demi-God LOKI [from THOR] who wants to rule the Earth. The movie is PG-13 and 143 minutes of sheer ‘go’ action… You’ll not be walking away from this one wondering if it was good or not; the action, humor, drama and incredible graphics are just staggering.


I’m still amazed that with all the people in the movie, they agreed to do something like this. I mean all the actors have had their own movie; they’re all leading actors in their own right— they all have enough to carry a movie by themselves. The fact this movie was ever made is impressive and it really plays a massive part to the caliber of the movie.

Building up to The Avengers, it started wonderfully with a hit with Ironman with Robert Downey Jr. Ironman was a great movie in it’s own right. Then there was The Hulk [w/ Edward Norton] which did well in the theater, but not as well as some would have liked.

I thought Edward Norton did a great job as the Hulk, but I’m not going to argue that Mark Ruffalo has pulled off another great version of the Hulk. And more recently was THOR. Wow, another great movie with another star cast; it all built to The Avengers.


The biggest winners in this movie, luck wise, has to be Scarlett Johansen and Jeremy Renner. Talk about getting paid; they pulled off really small parts in the Ironman 2 and THOR movies. Their roles in The Avengers was much more, but they didn’t have their own movies to build upon, but they got the chance to play in a movie of a lifetime…

And again, they are caliber actors and gave great performances. They were not just dumb stand by bodies, they contributed to the movie in a great way.


But to say that simply cause they were there didn’t do it; this movie had the director— the perfect director for this movie. Joss Whedon really got a name for himself with Firefly, but I can’t think of another director that has a following like he does.

His approach to doing movies is exactly what people are searching for…

Out of general consensus in speaking with all my connections; the common thread seems to be that they all appreciate that the movie was presented in such a way that the audience isn’t treated like an idiot and try to build a whole story and then jam pack all the action in to 15-20 minutes.


The success of the whole movie connection of these movies has already ensured the next releases of these movies…

Ironman 3, THOR 2, Captain America 2 and I saw the other day that Mark Ruffalo has signed on to do 6 more HULK movies.

One thing I believe Marvel may have picked up on is the power of a crossover. Where a character from another story line comes in to play in another. Like how Tony Stark was in Hulk, or how Howard Stark was in Captain America or how Banner was mentioned in THOR… This helps to re-enforce the story line of the Marvel universe; it really gets the fan boys going to chat the movies up.

Although, I can’t say it for sure, the banter between Stark and Banner during the movie leads me to believe that Ironman may have some company in the next release, or a future release. But to be brutally honest here, if you show Banner, you have to show the Hulk— anything short of that’ll surely kill the movie. You just can’t hint of Hulk; it’s do or don’t…

Anyway, I prefer not to go in to specifics about my favorite scenes; the whole movie is great and I would hate to rob anyone of their pleasure of seeing it with their own eyes…

If you get a chance; you need to see this on the big screen… and just so you know; ensure you stay for the very last of the credits to get all the extras…


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.

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  • moviegeek

    It really deserves to be making all the money it is making…
    I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this one… Usually when the expectations are so high the disappoitments are just as big… And yet this is one of the most enjoyable ride of any action movie in the last decade. Silly of course, but nevertheless always aware of what it is, done with great care and attention and never insulting to human intelligence.
    My review: http://wp.me/p19wJ2-wj

    • There's so many scenes in the movie that really make it pop, too many to mention; I could and it'd be fun to do so, but it's an awesome movie. Fun fact: I had never seen the Firefly TV series, my friend bought me Serenity for Christmas one year; he had never seen it either, he had no idea what it was, but it was scifi and I like space and scifi. I popped in the DVD one day and fell in love with the movie— I had no idea it was a closing to great TV show… I watched the movie, discovered the characters and just enjoyed the movie… movie direction makes a HUGE difference; not like that hack Michael Bay.

      Thanks for your comments…


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