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itvxml31_thumb Review: ShareMouseAt certain points in situations in dealing with IT issues or being in an IT department you quickly understand how important it is to be able to get information from point A to point B in the most conveniently possible. Most IT departments are very well-versed in the usefulness of what a KVM is; it’s a sharing device that allows one keyboard, mouse and monitor to be shared to multiple computers, the sometimes this just isn’t as convenient as the operator would like.

As a system administrator, you realize how important it is to be able to drag and drop information, use the copy and paste function and to be able to control multiple systems at one time without interrupting your work flow. Some system administrators or IT departments might have decided already to use some sort of mesh of remote desktop and network file sharing, but it’s not really the warm and fuzzy feeling that operators would really like.

I just found an application that allows you to share your mouse and keyboard with other computers that are attached to the network. The nice part about this software is that it eliminates the hardware piece of the KVM switch. So when you need to go to the next computer you’ll have to press any buttons or switches, or make any changes you simply just move the mouse to the far right or the far left of the screen and the mouse will jump to the next machine; it’s extremely convenient…

The software functions over hardwired connections as well as wireless connections, and the communications that are established between the machines are encrypted so trying to intercept vacations to capture sensitive information is not issue.

Here’s an example video of how the application works…


In a lot of situations being able to copy and paste information, typically a string of characters or password, or encryption key, and use that information on each PC without having to remotely connect and transfer that information to each one is one of the nicer features; you can do this up to 26 machines. That includes MAC and Windows platforms.

Here’s some screenshots of the application figuration settings…

dur0vw3v_thumb Review: ShareMouse

Another option is to be able to drag and drop files [plural], you can do this by simply doing the traditional drag-and-drop feature and is moving to the left or the right side of the screen, over to the next machine; again, Mac or PC. Hotkeys can be defined to jump to a specific machine if you’re worried about expedience [and you should]. when you transfer files between machines, progress bars presented and at any time during the transmission you can cancel.

Having a software package like this installed internally in a small IT shop, or the small-company environment with a limited IT staff, this application becomes very handy. The immediate benefit is not having to purchase any additional hardware, but the other benefits are no other power requirements, no additional cabling, and you circumvent the traditional problem of having a KVM switch that’s incompatible with the workstation or server.

As the operator moves the mouse, the resolution of each workstation or machine, is detected as the transition is made. Drag-and-drop features and clipboard functions transition from multiple operating systems, being cross-platform compatible. The software also has an option for portable mode; this allows the software to be placed onto a jump drive and then plugged into a compatible operating system so you can remotely control any other machines on the network.

If you’re working on a budget and you have limited resources in your IT department, and you need to simplify how you manage multiple desktops, this might just be the answer for you…

Check out the website…



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