May 12 2012

PaperPort 14 batch scanning and my suggestion for it…

fcxbfi41_thumb PaperPort 14 batch scanning and my suggestion for it…A couple of weeks ago, I was in the process of scanning a bunch of documents and I realized how much work I was doing in scanning in lots and lots of documents.

Doc imaging needs to be easier. In another post I talked about scanning documents in to the system; the importing of these documents has to have a good process and it has to be intuitive and easy for the users to do… The harder you make this process the less the users will want to use it.

With the release of v14 for PaperPort it seems clear to me that PaperPort is just focused on the business users because no options offered at all for social sharing. PaperPort does have the ‘cloud’, but I’m not counting that; I’m referring to services like Twitter and Facebook.

Anyway, so, I found this issue with PaperPort and I reported it to Nuance and I hope they do something with it…

Here’s the bottle neck problem with PaperPort… it’s in the batch scanning process.zjhkfl02_thumb PaperPort 14 batch scanning and my suggestion for it…

This might be okay if you could click and label the documents here; but you can’t, and the other issue is you can’t clearly see what it is that’s needing labeled because the images are too small. Maybe if you had an option to magnify the image you’re looking at. If you are scanning mass documents, this process isn’t functional. Doc imaging means you have to simplify to use it more and avoid situations where it’s a detriment.

I can’t enter all the information about the documents as easy as I’d like in this model…

This was my idea…

Here’s a quick mock up of something that may work a lot better for people using PaperPort.

In the mock up, the tree structure represents a description, and the items below represent documents just scanned. Documents just scanned typically don’t have a name. If you’re doing a lot of scanning, in batches, you need to see what they are to label them. This means you need a way to scroll through them, arrange them and preview them.

With this setup, you could have users flipping though documents, to preview them and then jump to the left to label them. The preview should be big enough to see the image portrait or landscape.

You could have buttons on the right to OCR and TAG the documents with keywords. If it’s a PDF make it searchable, if it’s a TIFF or JPG you could OCR it with text bridge and then tag the document with keywords found from the OCR’ing results.

 krqfvpkw_thumb PaperPort 14 batch scanning and my suggestion for it…

This is a big benefit for some businesses because here, documents are scanned in batches, the batches can be labeled, named and filed without having to go back to the main PaperPort form. This would be a massive benefit for power users. Nuance could ramp it up even more; giving the ability to assign security/users, at this level.

I’d like to hear back if I’m the only one that’s noticed this…


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.

…via Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11

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