May 25 2012

It’s a funny list of popular software…

ppvaofuq_thumb It's a funny list of popular software…

I was checking out the top 10 downloads from CNET.com the other day and it of the current listing I kind of found it amusing. It was really picturesque of what was really important in the Windows operating system for PC…

s5vze42p_thumb It's a funny list of popular software…Five of the top downloads had to do with anti-virus and malware protection. In the listing, there’s AVG, Avast, CCleaner, Malwarebytes and Ad-Aware…Right there you have the clearest picture that PC users are clearly worried about, and recognize the dangers, of being attacked by a virus or malware.

Obviously, one of the top reasons that there on this list is because they are options for free antivirus software. AVG and Avast are the two free top and you are software packages available on the Internet; neither the software packages require subscriptions, but AVG does require users to register with their website on annual basis to get a free software license…

Three of the items had to do with transferring files in some manner. There was the YouTube Downloader, Internet Download Manager and 4Sync. The first thing this tells me is that there’s still a large need for people to build the download YouTube content to the local PC, which YouTube doesn’t allow by default, and is actually interesting that they do allow applications like this to download their content. You would think there would be some sort of violation of terms of service or something.

The other item is the Internet Download Manager. Download managers are still very important software applications that radically increase the download speeds of software while you’re on the Internet, but they also serve other purposes, like scheduling downloads or downloading applications during non-peak times. They offer a myriad of services, not only faster download speeds, but keeping a copy of all the files and been downloaded, less the ability to pause and resume downloads if the network connection gets broken.

4Sync shows that most users have the foresight to understand that backing up their data is very important. The synchronization program/application could be making backups of their files to a local external hard drive, or using an application like Google drive, or Microsoft’s sky drive. These types of applications don’t have to be complicated, they just have to work…

The last two items were utilitarian.

The first of the last two, was Teamviewer. Teamviewer is an application that I have reviewed before; it’s one of the most important applications that I use on a regular basis. It’s a remote desktop viewing application that’s extremely easy to use, it not only offers remote desktop control, but advanced features such as voice over IP and video chat; this makes it really convenient once you’re connected to the other person and you can see their expressions and have a high quality conference call with them.

The last item on the list was WINRAR.

WINRAR the file compaction/compression application that takes normally large sets of files or folders and compresses them into a very small compact single archive file. WINRAR has been a very popular compression archive method for very long time. I recall having seen RAR files coming out just right after the ZIP file compression was released.

While the ZIP files are pretty much considered the standard in file compression, depending upon the files that you’re compressing RAR may be easier for you to use, but the underlying thing here to note is that RAR files are typically used as a method to compress large software packages and then break them up into individual [specifically sized] smaller files, that can be uploaded inconspicuously, and then downloaded, and then reassembled— you might typically see this in the pirating community.

What’s interesting about this list is the irony.

The majority of the list has to do with applications that are fighting viruses and malware. Part of this list has to do with downloading content and then being able to reassemble it, and the last part of it is the support option to work in tandem with the antivirus applications; for all the people who have to support other people’s PCs because they have strayed too far and picked up malicious software installations…

As I read through the list, I realized that PC users have learned over the years that being infected or being attacked by a virus is not fun. Dealing with malware or spyware on a PC is just as daunting… And as we deal with these new operating systems for smart phones, it’s all too clear that we are simply repeating the cycle of developing PCs; and for those malicious people out there, developing new viruses and exploits to steal information or to just simply disable your smartphone.

There’s always going to be a need for system backups, system protection and tech support…

That’s why this list is funny.


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.

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zemified_c It's a funny list of popular software…

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