Is it wrong for Microsoft to restrict their tablets to just Internet Explorer?

yujgiuv0_thumb Is it wrong for Microsoft to restrict their tablets to just Internet Explorer?So one of the interesting things about the pending release of the Windows 8 tablets; Microsoft has decided to not allow other browsers the same luxury as theirs. And a bigger question is, does Microsoft think that their release of a tablet [PC] with Windows 8 is going to be enough to sway people to not care?

Talk about a white knight’s, with a sling shot, chances in Hell… this is going to be good.

Microsoft has been desperately pushing Internet Explorer 9 as a stable and reputable web browser, but the fact is, it’s still a marsh pit of security loop holes and threats; one of the worst web browsers, if not the worst, out on the web.

I say this because it bares repeating… Windows 7 is one of Microsoft’s better releases of an operating system; everyone seems to love it— it’s being received like the XP of olden days. But also noting that as more companies adopt Windows 7, they are also adopting Internet Explorer 9 as the base browser… Is this really so hard to understand?

The fact is that a lot of companies are locked in to Microsoft products and IT shops have to use Microsoft services.. When they adopt new operating system’s they adopt them typically at 100’s to 1000’s of client machines at a time… So the adoption of Windows 7 is right in line with the recent up swing of Internet Explorer usage…

Microsoft is going to use this up swing to push and dictate the usage of ONLY Internet Explorer on their Windows 8 tablets. They’re going to follow suit, just like Apple did with their iPad. But that’s not exactly true, I’m sure by fear alone of being a tech douche bag, Microsoft has [fictionally] said, ‘well, yes; other browsers can be installed on Windows 8, but they’ll never be better than Internet Explorer, because we’re going to ‘cripple’ other browsers from being better’.

It’s a brilliant plan…

If Microsoft’s popularity with the tablets and PC’s explodes, Internet Explorer will be the dominate browser again. Microsoft might actually have enough testicle fortitude to think they can dictate what the standards of the web are again and stop playing second fiddle to everyone who’s doing it better than they are…

But Apple does this, why should Microsoft be any different?

People expect Apple to be this way; they make more money than God, or a small country [or countries combined]— they can do what ever they want to and not really have to worry about an impact. And most people think that Apple is just a obtuse version of an operating system for misinformed individuals, but Linux users think that of everyone else… No, really, Apple holds everything they have very close to the chest, controlling all aspects of their products and services. People expect them to be omnipotent and stuck-up… A majority of the time, that’s accurate…

Can Microsoft really play that way though?

Google Android is an open operating system. Not as open as it used to be, but it’s open. you can load just about any application on Android you want to. There’s a massive selection of applications on the Android that can be ran, not just browsers. Essentially, the Android operating system comes with a base browser, most people download and install other browsers almost immediately; like Firefox or Opera… It’s a point of preference. I find it hard to think that Microsoft is going to limit users on Windows 8 right out of the gate like that…

If so, how much more does Microsoft plan on limiting?

These are just some of the questions running around. Microsoft has a need to re-establish itself as a company that can do something right again. I just wonder if Microsoft is taking the right direction by copying Apple… Because everyone just loves they way Apple treats it’s iPhone users… [/sarcasm]


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zemified_c Is it wrong for Microsoft to restrict their tablets to just Internet Explorer?

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