Google is building an answer brain with ‘Knowledge Graph’

gvnd1c33 Google is building an answer brain with 'Knowledge Graph'Google is really working the candle at both ends with trying to build a better mouse trap [per se] to compete with Apple‘s Siri. Google knows that it can’t do the things Siri does with out giving relevant answers to the questions at hand… or presented.

Google’s voice recognition has made some vast improvements in the last 2 years. They improved the voice recognition of the service, and then added personalized voice recognition, sync’d with the persons Gmail/Google account. The personalization starts keeping track of what you say, how you say it and to make your device more accurate to you; building a database of your speech patterns.

But with Siri, she answers your questions… You’re able to ask it questions in normal speech and she just does it. But Google is really playing catch up; now they need a brain for Majel [Google Assistant]. Majel is supposed to be the ‘answer’ to Siri…

Google has a great advantage; they can see everything you click on— even more they see what you asked or what you’re looking for, when you click on links they can see which ones might be giving you the best answers to the queries— they’re going to be able to apply that to the knowledge graph ‘brain’ for Majel.

Where as Apple maybe trying to answer a bunch of specific and common questions to give their users, like where’s the store, how do I get to blah; Google is shooting for broader answer base and something that’ll be able to answer just about anything…

They’re going to build a base of knowledge data points and when there’s enough information, it’s going to be devastating— to Apple or Microsoft. It’s going to change the way anyone finds information or answers to questions.

Google has already started digging through blogs, building algorithms to understand and scrape information from various resources. The goal isn’t to just match words and phrases, but to match content; to understand the context and be able to return a valid point of reference to anyone who’s searching for information on a topic. It’s impressive and bold to work on this level…

Naturally, there should be some pause from this, contemplating the implications of relying on a search engine to give you answers; can they be picky choosy— Will they be sponsored or abused, or molested to return false information? We’ll have to see… Conspiracy theorists are going to love this…


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zemified_c Google is building an answer brain with 'Knowledge Graph'

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