Apr 18 2012

VirtualBox 4 Extension Pack: Why do you continue to do this?

imageI was working with VirtualBox the other day and while VirtualBox has been updating their stuff here lately, and I really don’t mind the updates, but what I haven’t figured out yet is why they don’t have a process in place yet to fix stuff like just downloading the Extension Pack.

The extension pack is required to take advantage of certain advances and features of VirtualBox. What I’m not understanding is when software developers do this kind of backwards stuff, it makes them look lazy. I mean who does this anymore? If you need an extension pack for the application; you need to provide a link to it, or provide a button to just say ‘install it’…

Making users stop, get out, change the tires and get back in is just goofy nowadays…

I don’t mean to be overly critical, but this…


Doesn’t make any sense to me…literally, I understand what it says, but it’s saying you can turn the function on, it’ll says it’s on, but it’s NOT on. And it’s not going to be ON until you go to the website [unnamed] in the download section and download this extension pack.

THIS is the perfect place for a button for the website, or a button to say INSTALL

You could link directly to this…


It’s really the obvious things that are overlooked from time to time… With all their updates; I hope they fix this one in the near future.


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.

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