Facebook Pushes Virus Protection A Little More

keyv03if_thumb Facebook Pushes Virus Protection A Little MoreBack in early January, Facebook must’ve been listening to me. I published a blog post about the insecurity of Facebook. In that post, I talked about how Facebook takes advantage of their members by exposing them to games and applications that could be potentially stealing their personal and private information and using it for other nefarious purposes.

I guess Facebook has determined that it’s back on the Facebook member base for them to protect their own machines and to use software that’s specially designed to help safeguard their information. This is a good tactic for Facebook, and a good position for them to take, because this takes Facebook out of the realm of responsibility for people’s machines being taken over by random applications and games, that are, or could be, infected with viruses.

People are always sending me invites to games and applications on Facebook. and to be perfectly honest, I wish there was just a way to simply opt out of every game and application invite that people send, but there’s not, you simply have to choose to ignore those requests by using the options and Facebook when they come in.

Facebook is the definitive standard in online being social, connecting with others and sharing information, but it’s my opinion, that Facebook is also a breeding ground for malicious activity, taking advantage of users and undisclosed privacy violations. I understand that Facebook uses my information as a product to sell to advertisers, to get my attention, to try to sell me their services or products.

The problem is with a member base greater than 900,000 users; it’s hard to find a person nowadays that doesn’t have a Facebook account. So not only does this provide an opportunity for people of a malicious nature, but also provides an opportunity for companies that provide spyware and antivirus protection way to reach users. And nothing reaches users faster than a free product…microsoftfacegbokapril24_thumb Facebook Pushes Virus Protection A Little More

And with Facebook pushing products like Microsoft security essentials [which is actually a good software package], and antivirus software packages from McAfee,TrendMicro, Sophos and Symantec, it’s a way for Facebook to [excuse the pun] save face, and say, that they are trying to protect the Facebook members by giving them, leading them in the direction of software that can protect their machines. 

in addition to those companies pushing their antivirus software, they have also agreed to share their URL blacklist. The blacklist is a database of websites that are considered malicious, but this isn’t just for Facebook, it’s for the protection of Facebook members when they try to visit the specific URLs; which is good.

Maybe Facebook users will feel just a little bit better knowing that Facebook is going to have this blacklist of malicious URLs that can protect them from going to websites that may have been posted to hacked Facebook accounts. For Facebook it’s a step in the right direction.


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