5Gb of free online storage from Google Drive

dhsc4eo2 5Gb of free online storage from Google DriveGoogle has finally released a formal version of gDrive, it’s called Google Drive and for the longest time I’ve been trying to remind people about making a backup of some of their most important documents to at least a jumpdrive. With Google Drive you can accomplish this with 5Gb of free space online.

5Gb may not sound like much to most people, but for other people who don’t back up, who don’t have that much to back up and have may never thought about doing a quick backup now there’s really no reason not to, especially with it being free. I presume the only caveat to that’d be requiring a high-speed connection to the Internet…

For those who would balk at the 5Gb of storage; you can purchase more at some affordable prices.


j2oogshi_thumb 5Gb of free online storage from Google Drive

Google Drive goes head-to-head with other online storage services like DropBox. I really don’t see anything wrong or bad to complain about right now with what they are offering for free. The installation of the software for the PC is free, it allows you to upload your files, sync them with other PC’s as well as you Google documents. This allows you to share those documents with others and work in more concert, per se.

The interface is super simple…

image_thumb2 5Gb of free online storage from Google Drive

Just create a shortcut for the Google Drive on your desktop and drag-and-drop anything you want to backup or share. And if you share any documents/files you can specify exactly who and if the file is supposed to be open to the public [if you want to share large files].

So, the service as it’s offered, is a big plus [no pun intended] for Google.

So, if you need 5Gb of storage or a way to transfer large files quickly, Google Drive is a good option. The biggest question you’re going to run into is why NOT use the service.


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Larry Henry Jr.

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