Who is and What are the benefits of using Pinterest?

ajvdw1vd_thumb Who is and What are the benefits of using Pinterest?

In the realm of technology, there’s always something involving, something always changing like every six months; and every once in a while you get something really big. With the Internet and social technology, there’s always something new happening. Big players like Google+, Facebook, twitter, and now a newcomer called Pinterest.

Pinterest has enjoyed a humble rise to popularity over the past couple of months, if you look at the statistics from compete.com, the popularity of the website really started shooting up from September of 2011, and now Pinterest is drawing in about 11 million users monthly. It was also named one of Time Magazine’s 50 best websites of 2011.

Pinterest in its simplest form is a huge clipboard/pin board of everything that people find interesting. They can share all kinds of media that they find over the Internet; this includes pictures, videos, discussions or anything else that they find over the Internet.

Users can pin information to their board or they can upload their own content or even re-pin content from other users. And like services from Google and Delicious, users can group the information into categories; allowing the users to find the information more easily next time or allowing others to browse their collections in a more organized way.

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Based on some information from resources like AppData and Facebook, a large majority of the users are using Pinterest are female, between the ages of 25 and 45; sharing everything from pictures, beauty, fitness, skincare, clothing, crafts and much much more.

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And as with every new Internet boom in social networking companies are coming to Pinterest to lay claim to their brands; it’s all about marketing. And Pinterest is turning out to be a huge traffic provider for a lot of websites. With everyone going on to Pinterest and saving all the popular articles and information, and other tidbits of information; it’s driving huge amounts of traffic to companies and individuals alike. Because all of the material that’s pinned on Pinterest links back to the website directly. And with Pinterest having more and more links to websites every day they are showing tremendous growth and that’s just going to be reciprocated down to all the websites that are being pinned.

Pinterest is striking an amazingly high level of participation by individuals who are big in social interaction and points of vanity. And some say that Pinterest is mainly a service for women. Apparently, they’ve been able to tap into something that Google and Facebook, and Twitter have not been able to ‘pin’ point [sorry, couldn’t help it].

But Pinterest could be facing some legal battles over copyright laws. With all the images being pinned, it’s just a huge collection of images, and some people, some websites, don’t like the idea of having their content being hosted somewhere else; especially photographers.

Technically, Pinterest requires members to have the rights to anything they can in terms of use, and from the legal aspects of an, using copyrighted work may be  violating the law. Members of Pinterest could find themselves being sued for copyright infringement…unlikely, but possible. But there’s been a lot of situations where information taken from one point on the Internet and posted on another is considered ‘Fair Use’.

We’ll have to see what develops…

Right now, everyone is enjoying running around the Internet, finding interesting articles and media and pinning them to Pinterest; this huge online collection of bookmarks. I have to stop and think that if Google+ or Delicious I change the way they processor handle their bookmarks for their users, Windows services be as popular? Not sure, but at this point if they changed their format, they would simply be copying what Pinterest is doing… and no one likes a copycat.

If you want to get an account with Pinterest, you can go to their website and request an invitation, but if you know someone already has an account, that person can basically vouch for you and you get access to Pinterest very quickly. So, at this time the quickest way to start using Pinterest is to get a friend to refer you…


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zemified_c Who is and What are the benefits of using Pinterest?

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