Mar 21 2012

Uploading images to Facebook [easy]

qxmrla3o thumb Uploading images to Facebook [easy]

In a previous post I talked about things with Facebook that are lacking and one of those things is the ability to upload images to Facebook. Now, apparently Facebook finds it more important to provide an Instant Messenger for Facebook, but not an easier way to send photos.

In relation to that, I had a relative asking me how to upload photos to Facebook. Contemplating that process of how photos are actually uploaded to Facebook, and then contemplating how to upload them with the method they have now; it doesn’t sound fun. But there applications out there that can help you, and they can make it really easy…

I have a really easy option for you…

Easy Photo Uploader for Facebook, it’s a free application for personal use. It’s a small download and it allows you to effortlessly locate and upload images to Facebook. You can even upload multiple files at once; not more of this one file at a time crap.

Here’s the process of installing it..

image thumb2 Uploading images to Facebook [easy]

image thumb3 Uploading images to Facebook [easy]

image thumb4 Uploading images to Facebook [easy]

image thumb5 Uploading images to Facebook [easy]

Creating the icon isn’t necessary because the options are going to be placed in your right-click [context menu] when you right-click on images/photos.

image thumb6 Uploading images to Facebook [easy]

When I installed, I chose not to get the Special offer… I didn’t know what t was, but I also wasn’t interested.

Here’s a video of how it works…


It covers exactly what you’d like it to, and it’s easy. You can ensure you upload your photos where you want, create new albums. I believe you’ll enjoy it.

You can download this application here…

download Uploading images to Facebook [easy] 

Easy Photo Uploader for Facebook 

download Uploading images to Facebook [easy]


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 Uploading images to Facebook [easy]