Mar 16 2012

The Many Benefits of Cloud Computing

ek1iy053 thumb The Many Benefits of Cloud Computing

Imagine that you are an IT Manager for a large company.  You are responsible for ensuring every employee has a working computer equipped with the right hardware and software programs to do their jobs.  Each hardware and software program requires a license — and they are expensive.  When a new employee is hired, you must make certain they are covered by your company’s existing licenses.  If not, other licenses may have to be purchased.  As you can see, all of this is not only very costly, but difficult to organize and very stressful.

Relax.  There are big changes on the horizon.  Instead of setting up multiple programs on each employee’s PC, wouldn’t it be easier to simply install one program instead?  This program is designed to allow each employee to securely log onto website that hosts all of the programs required to get their jobs done. This website offers what has come to be known as cloud computing.  Cloud companies offer services as varied as word processing and email to complex analytical and design programs.

One of the Benefits of Cloud Computing is Less Load on Your Computer

Any company that employs a cloud computing company will soon discover a dramatic shift in their workload.  No longer will their computers have to bear the heavy load of running multiple applications.  Instead, the cloud company will provide a network of their own to perform this heavy lifting.  As a result, the need for hardware and software programs is greatly reduced.  In fact, if a company subscribes to a truly comprehensive cloud service, the only thing they will need to install is a user interface — which will probably be as easy to install as a new web browser.  The cloud network will take care of everything else.


Using the Cloud Provides Greater Access to Your Files

Cloud computing has actually been around for a while in a limited sense.  For instance, if you have an email account with one of the large companies such as Yahoo! or G-Mail, then you are already familiar with some of the benefits of cloud computing.  You know that you can log into your email account from any computer.  Also, your saved emails are not stored on your computer’s hard drive.  Instead they are stored inside the cloud — that is on the servers of your host email company.

What are some of the different ways that cloud computing might be used?  If you think about it, the possibilities are almost limitless.  Here are just a few examples.


Different Applications of Cloud Computing

We already mentioned word processing.  Instead of installing a program such as MS Word on your computer, you could use a cloud service.  The cloud would have the most advanced word processing program — and all of your documents can be saved on the cloud.  As a result, you will be able to access any of your documents from any computer.

The same thing is true for spreadsheets, cost accounting, tax accounting, photo editing, graphic design, audio recording, video editing, etc.  Almost anything you do that requires you to purchase a software program can be put on a cloud. 

Industry specific programs will no doubt be developed in fields as diverse as engineering, training in any subject, music composition, architectural drawing, landscape design, banking — the possibilities are truly endless.   


Cloud Computing: The Wave of the Future

There is little question that cloud computing will become more and more commonplace.  No longer will companies have to provide additional space for their servers or for digital storage since cloud services will provide the needed storage space. Also, companies will begin realizing substantial savings in their IT departments.  Less hardware means fewer things that can go wrong.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of all is the convenience having access to all of your documents and programs from any computer.  Truly cloud computing is gaining momentum and will become even more popular in the future.



Guest author Bob Brownell enjoys writing about a variety of topics, including cloud computing and the fiber optic internet network being built by Google.

 The Many Benefits of Cloud Computing