Mar 26 2012

Organize Your Technology to Organize Your Life

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Today’s technology makes it easier than ever for everyone from the average Joe to the business executive to stay organized at all hours of the day. There are literally apps for everything to help you manage your time and work and even more apps to help you multitask.

You might have some of these awesome tools on your laptop, or on your tablet or some might even be on your phone. So what exactly do you do when you’re fumbling around between technology devices to get the information you need?

Technology is supposed to make your life easier and more organized, not more difficult and challenging to keep track of. Here are some ways to better organize your use of all of your technological devices.



Charging Pads

First of all, ask yourself the question of how many power cords you have to keep track of. If you travel often, you know that charging cords can be such a hassle and often are easily lost. It also becomes difficult to charge all of your devices at once with several power sources to keep straight.

Make it easier on yourself by investing in a charging pad. These are just small pads (they look very much like a mouse pad) that sit on a flat surface that can charge several devices simultaneously. They only take up one charging port and are very energy-efficient.

And when you travel, you don’t have to remember three or four different power cords – just the one charging pad will suffice.


Apple products offer a new feature called iCloud, which allows you to store data wirelessly and transport it instantly from one Apple device to another.

iCloud isn’t just an Apple product, though, as many IT companies are now offering similar "cloud" services for wireless storage. The beauty of a service such as this is say, for example, you snap a photo on your phone, and right after you snap it, it’s not only stored to your phone, but to your tablet and your laptop and your desktop, as well.

The same is true for documents and slideshows. You may be working on a document on your laptop that you’ll need access to from your mobile device later on. iCloud instantly saves your work to all of your devices with a simple click or touch.

It even works for apps. If you download an app on your iPhone that will also work on your iPad, it immediately appears, and it shows up in your iTunes library on your laptop, too. It’s the most convenient way to store all of your important data (and emails, too) that you need access to at any given point in the day.

This way, you won’t have to worry about what document or what presentation is on what device, and you can even sync your calendars across all of your platforms so that you literally have access to it 24/7.

Keep Your Inbox Clear

It’s bad enough to try to go through all of your emails every morning, but when you have different email accounts associated with different devices, it quickly becomes even more of a challenge.

A recent study shows that for the average American professional, 80% of the emails that come to them are junk, while only the remaining 20% is actually useful information. Make a habit out of going through your emails to keep these inboxes clean.

Do this on every device that you own so that (assuming you don’t have iCloud) you don’t need to manage thousands of emails in a day.

Keep Track of Your Devices

When you have 2 or 3 separate mobile devices, it’s easy to lose track of what is where at what time, and oftentimes the unthinkable may happen and you may even lose one of your precious devices altogether.

Eliminate the threat by installing a simple "Find Me" app on each of your devices. On Apple products, it’s called "Find My iPhone" and it uses the GPS functions of your iPhone to determine its own location. Therefore if you lose it, you can log on to any computer anywhere, enter your information and find the exact location of your missing iPhone.

By keeping track of where your mobile devices are at all times (maybe one’s at the office, one’s at home and another is at the beach house or your parents’ house), it becomes more easy to stay organized and on top of things.

It can be a challenge, for sure, to keep your technology devices organized when your technology devices are the exact things that you are relying on to keep your life organized! Make it easier on yourself by taking just these few simple steps to help you stay organized in every aspect of the word.



Jackie Ryan is a freelance writer who loves her mobile technology. If it weren’t for the amazing Nexel shelving she recently installed in her home office, her life would be a disorganized and cluttered disaster, but she has her organizational needs under control now – including keeping tabs on all of her favorite mobile devices.