Evolving: Google Market is now Google Play…

gbp1bh5v_thumb Evolving: Google Market is now Google Play…

Leave it to Google to keep changing how they integrate services… the Android Market  is being changed over to Google Play. As everyone knows, the android market had evolved to include electronic books, music, videos, but the android market has really become something much more for Google and the Android platform. Now they’re pushing the boundaries even further, adopting some of the same features and functions that were touted with the Kindle Fire, and the mixing that with some of what Apple is doing with the iCloud.

Over the past couple of months, is below changes with Google, with their services, with their privacy settings, and with their new initiative to have cloud storage; this is a result of that effort. Movies that you watch, songs that you purchase and books that you read with the Android operating system will now be synchronized in the cloud.

In the video that’s provided by Google, they give you an example of reading an e-book, stopping at point and then changing devices and being able to open up the same e-book in the same position; this requires synchronization to the cloud [or gDrive as some have called it]. In the same relation, music and videos that you purchase, or rent using Google services will be synchronized to cloud.

Google’s venture into Google TV, Google music, YouTube video rentals and all the other services are going to be more streamlined with the Android operating system.  Google’s primary focus here is to streamline the process so that there is a transparent or invisible effort in the background to synchronize all of your information without complicating it; making it easy for everyone.

And I’m sure this falls right in line with Google’s efforts into establishing the chrome book as a consumer alternative. With everything being synchronized to the cloud and the chrome book being able to play all of that media without any issues, they should make for a straightforward device for simplistic users.


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zemified_c Evolving: Google Market is now Google Play…

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