Feb 03 2012

Video Chat: Income Tax Preparation is a cool idea

c12igngc_thumb Video Chat: Income Tax Preparation is a cool idea

One of the more interesting things that people are being introduced to this year is the processing of the taxes using the computer. The past couple of years processing income tax with the Internet has been commonplace, but this year H&R Block has raised the bar on processing income taxes with the computer.

In a recent poll of users, asking which tax-preparation software they like the most, users rated the software packages of TurboTax, TaxAct, H&R Block at home and FreeTax USA. In second place, for text processing, it wasn’t software and all; it was actually the physical process of going to a certified CPA to have your taxes done— in person— with no Internet. And that’s actually pretty interesting…

But you if  you’ve been watching TV this season [tax season], you may have noticed the commercials for H&R Block at home where the representative from H&R Block is able to punch in to your home PC and are able to have a conversation with them about tax preparation. I think this is a fantastic idea, for taxes. I would never recommend this for tech support…

If you’ve ever used Remote Desktop support, for doing support for individuals who don’t have advanced computer skills; being able to remotely control someone else’s desktop greatly speeds up the process of fixing their problems. The whole process of explaining what the start button is and where the icons are, stuff like that, are completely removed from the equation and adjust speeds up the entire process of doing support. Very little verbal communications are required for doing support this way.

Websites like LogMeIn, WebEx, GoToMyPC, Bomgar and TeamViewer are just some of the Web services that you can use to remotely control someone else’s PC for support. But what I like about H&R Block’s services this year is that they had integrated the video chat portion of some of those services, allowing customers to check directly with a human being. Being able to chat directly with another person breaks down a lot of the communication problems with people trying to do their taxes, because not everyone is a great typist; and not everyone may be using voice-recognition [and it working well].

I personally have used the service, but I believe the concept is well-founded. This enables them to have thousands of customers, a handful of service representatives with Web cameras and Internet connections and able to assist customers all day long with questions about processing their taxes— I truly think the idea is grand.

I think next year you’ll see a lot of these tax preparation services going to reroute of providing remote desktop support or video chat with voice over IP.


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.

zemified_c Video Chat: Income Tax Preparation is a cool idea

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