Feb 06 2012

PC Games Show Resurgence in Sales; Consoles not so much

image_thumb PC Games Show Resurgence in Sales; Consoles not so much

The popularity of the gaming console, and the profitability of it, have just been astounding. A couple of years ago, you could have hopped on the Internet and read article after article about how PC gaming was dead and how the gaming console was going to be the future of gaming. I would’ve been one of those individuals that you would have to call crazy because I thought PC gaming was still doing very well. And I also would’ve argued the benefits over using a gaming console versus the PC.

Video games in general have been extremely popular and very profitable. With everything with the economy doing so bad, and everyone talking about a recession, the gaming industry seems to have had record profits during this time, but PC games sales were still there. Some of the most profitable games stemmed from the PC gaming audience.

And their benefits to the PC gaming world; take for instance Battlefield 3… the gameplay for Battlefield 3 is simply incredible, with full HDMI output and able to have 64 players, real players, per game. And some of the PC games simply outperform the gaming consoles when it comes to graphics and the physics engines are just some things the gaming consoles just can’t touch.


A couple of years ago, Microsoft decided to allow the PC gamers to join into the Xbox live games with the Xbox game console players; Microsoft quickly realized that the PC gamers had a much higher kill status than those of the Xbox players. Meaning that PC gamers have much more control over the game action, in playing the game, then a typical Xbox user using the controller; so from that point on, they had to make sure that they segregated PC gamers from console gamers— the playing field could not be level if you mixed the two.

Gamers who came from the PC market, going to the gaming console; there was a learning curve to use the console controller, whereas the PC gamer was used to using a keyboard and mouse/trackball. Now you can buy a keyboard and mouse for the Xbox, but unfortunately, the keyboard and mouse controllers are not fully compatible with all the games. I think this was an indicator that PC gaming wasn’t dead and that that method of control, that level of control, was something that the average PC gamer just wasn’t ready to give up yet…

From some of the latest numbers in comparison to console gamers versus PC gamers, there’s roughly 190,000,000 game console players and roughly 600,000,000 PC players; that encompasses diehard gamers to casual players.

Gaming consoles and PCs alike, they both endure problems with gameplay. When games are released for the console, they are optimized for the console; when games are released for the PC, the PC user has to make sure that they have proper requirements to run the game. If they don’t have the proper requirements the game won’t perform well— that’s a big problem. When console games don’t perform well, it’s easy for the user to simply say it’s a problem with the game itself, for PC gamers, they had to check the support forums, video drivers, system updates and start doing system tweaking to get the most out of their rig.

So while some will argue that the gaming console is more popular, and the PC gaming is dead; I would have to argue no. First-person shooter games and role-playing games have the best performance and control for gamers. Gaming consoles are great if you don’t want to have to worry about any kind of technical aspects of being able to play the game; that’s what the consoles are designed for— to make sure everyone is on the same level, has the same system specs and don’t have to worry about any kind of technical issues…

Even with technical issues, PC game sales were up by almost 60% in the last quarter of 2011. Yeah, I still look forward to all the PC games to hit the market…



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zemified_c PC Games Show Resurgence in Sales; Consoles not so much

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